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How can you get a guy to think you are hot?

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Guys think most girls are already hot. You don't really need to work at it. Playing hard to get is often enticing. Girls today don't seem to have been taught how to be alluring and as a result it's all become a little cheap. You need to ask yourself if you want a relationship and to feel good about yourself when you get a little older, or if you want to just do the immediate and popular thing. also you could pretend you dont like him so he will think you are not desperate

2010-12-08 22:21:13
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Is Taylor Momsen hot?

It depends on what your own opinion is, for example if your a guy you could think she is hot. But some girls think shes hot 2. In my opinion she is hot.

How do U make a guy like you?

I think to make a guy like you, you should be yourself and i think he should fall for you if you are hot.

What does it when a older guy say your built good?

they think your hot

Is tobymac hot?

I don't think so but I am a guy so.......

What does a hot guy look like?

A hot guy is just a guy you can look at and say wow this guy is good looking it's not what other people think it's you're heart saying this guy is cute

Can your boyfriend with pimples still be hot?

it depends on the guy. if you think he is hot then that's all that matters.

Is Johnny Depp really hot?

No. i think Johnny Depp is equally as hot as any other guy.

How do you tell a guy you think hes hot without saying hot?

tell him hes handsome, or cute...

How does a twelve year old girl get a hot guy?

I think a girl needs to try her best to look pretty and when a hot guy flirts with you flirt back and this is not a nessecity (depending on the type of guy) show of some clevege sometimes I think if a hot guy flirts with you then you should flirt back and this is not a nessecity (depending on the type of guy) show off some clevage sometimes.

It mean he likes you and he thinks your hot?

I think that a guy can think your hot and like you, and can also just think your hot. I know a lot of guys like Kim Kardahian but that doesn't mean they like like her

Who does Carly off of iCarly think is super hot?

The boy/guy Carly thinks is super hot is Garry Wolf a 'hot hot senior'.

When you pass by a guy and the guy looks at you as you pass mean that he likes you?

It may, it may not. He may just think you are hot.

If you wanted to go out with a guy how would you tell him?

I think your hot, wanna have sex?

Do you ever stare at a guy because you think hes hot?

Me? No. But lots of people do.

Is telling a girl she is hot flirting with her?

well I'm a girl and if a guy calls me hot I immediately think he is trying to flirt with me.

What is a hot Halloween costume for a guy?

That depends on what you think is hot. Vampires are always a good bet, or a sexy anime character.

Is it weird to think its hot when a guy burps?

Definitely not you can think it's weird or wonderful whatever you want to think of it as but don't say it to him or he will think your weird

Why does a guy enjoy hugging a female?

We think that they are really haggable especially when thay are hot.

Who is the hottest guy on river cottage?

Gillon Meller! he is so hot, do you think he is single?

How do you tell a guy you think he is hot in spanish?

"Eres sexy" or "Eres muy guapo"

What does it mean when a guy said after sex that was hot?

I think it means he liked it! and wants it with u

How do you overrule a girl who a hot guy may think is more attractive than you?

GEt hit

Can you fiend your best friend that is a guy also hot?

well my friends think im hot and we are all good so ya

Would you pick a hot and poor guy or a ugly and rich guy?

The hot but poor guy.

What does a girl thinks when she see's a hat guy for the first time?

Girls could think many things when they see a hot guy for the first time. Some girls may not think anything other than the guy is attractive, others may have fantasies or think of ways to get to know the guy.