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it can only come from the heart and not the head finding the right person in these days and time, is the hardest thing to do. comuacation it the biggest reson for failers, remember when you have found the right person you will know, it will be the one you think of when you wake up threw out the day and just be for you fall a sleep.........

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How do you get your sims married in sims bustin out?

by being in love and really knowing the other Sim

What if you were together for a year and 7 months and you really believe he is the one for you?

then get married.. ^_^

How do you GET Married on the sims 2 for ps2?

If two sims really love each other, there's an option to propose for engagement, then marriage.

Does zac really will married with vanessa?

The 2 have been dating for many years, so im sure that sooner or later that zac will propose to vanessa. But you never know!

Did Zac Efron really propose to Vanessa Hudgens?


How do you get married in Sims complete collection?

You have to be really friendly and invite each other over their house and go on many dates. Then the MAN has to propose so play as the man a lot.

Did Macaulay Culkin really stay a virgin up until he was 18?

He Married two months before he turned 18. So, if he waited until he married, he was 17.

How do you know if a man really wants to marry you?

He'll propose.

Did Robert Pattinson really propose to Kristen Stewart?


You want to propose your love you want to make it really special what should you do?

Wait you want to propose a ring or tell someone you love them?

Did Taylor Lauthner propose to Taylor Swift?

no he she wasn't really in love with him she even said so her self he was more into her but no he didn't propose

How can you tell if he wants to get married?

Marraige is a big thing and some guys get afraid of it even when there really is no need to be. You can't tell if he wants to get married but you can see the signs that he is comfortable with you and you can see him staying with you. You don't have to wait for him to propose, blow him out of the water by doing it when you feel that he is ready.

I am 23 My boyfriend is 19 We've been together for 8 months I'm really ready to get married but he isn't What do it do Am I crazy for thinking that I need to get married?

If you are ready to get married but your boyfriend of 8 months is not ready to settle down, he just feels that you are going too fast and may be you should just go slow about it.

How do you woohoo in sims 2 ps2 version?

You have to get a boyfriend/girlfriend and propose to them, then buy a 2 person bed. Well you ready do not have to propose to them because you cann be in a serious relationship without getting married. But you really do need a two person bed. You could as soon get the "Love Tub" and have a active in the tub with a lover. :)

Is Beyonce really married?

beyonce is really married..

Do Christians have to get married in a church?

of course it isn't necessary for christians to be married in a church it is a tradition that isn't really acustomed it's only that most christians feel most comfortable knowing that their marriage is being covered by God

Can sims get married in The Sims 2?

Yes they can. This is how they get married: 1. Build up the relationship between the two sims really high (the top) 2. Get one of the sims to click on the other and click Propose...Engagment 3. If you want to have a wedding party, click on the phone and click. "Have a party" followed by "Wedding party". Then go to Buy mode and buy the wedding arch. If you don't want to have a party, just click on the Sim again and click "Propose" followed by "get married".

Are the gods of Hinduism really married?

They can't really be married when they don't really exist.

What is waiting time to receive VA disability compensation?

Generally it takes about 6 months, I got mine really fast. But I was married to a General :-)

Is edge and vicki Guerrero really married?

No they are not really married it is for storyline

Is HHH and stephanie McMahon really married?

Yes they are really married and they really have three daughters.

How to propose a girl indirectly?

I am not trying to be clever about this, totally not, but if she REALLY loves you she will tell you.

How do you know when to propose?

you dont really, just when it feels right...and only you can determine that

Is Tiffany and chucky really married?

Yes chucky and Tiffany is really married.

Is desiree crazy for knowing Jordan Rich?

nah not really? nah not really?