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How can you get dentures covered under insurance?

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2006-09-04 12:15:46

Dentures are covered under most 'standard' dental insurance

plans, but will have a replacement limit. If you have current

dental insurance, call your insurance company (the number is

usually printed on the back of your card). Ask the customer service

representative if you have "major" coverage or "prostetics"

coverage. If they confirm that you do, you also want to ask the

percentage of coverage and the replacement limits. Most standard

plan will pay for 50% of the allowance up to your program dollar

maximum once per 5 or more years. The "allowance" is the amount

allowed by your dental plan. Example, your dentist charges $1000

for a full set of dentures, but your insurance company may only

allow $600. If you have 50% coverage and see a participating

dentist your plan would pay $300 and you would pay $300. The

participating dentist would adjust off the remaining amount up to

their charge. If you do not have major coverage or do not have

dental insurance, your best option is to call a local, reputable

insurance agent. Similar to buying auto or home owners insurance.

Most agents sell insurance products for major insurance companies.

You can pick up a dental insurance plan for a nominal fee (United

Concordia Companies, Inc. based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is

currently one of the best). Medical insurance will not cover

dentures under almost all circumstances. Auto insurance will not

cover dentures under most circumstances. If you are in an accident

and severly injure your face or mouth area, it is possible to get

the auto insurance to pick up the cost. But don't count on it.

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