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no its not covered by Ontario health insurance plan

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 10:48:32
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Q: Is yoga covered under the Ontario health insurance plan?
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Is Yoga Therapy covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan?

no its not

Is magnetic therapy covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan?

is magnetic healing covered by ohip

Are lost dentures covered under homeowners insurance?

Dentures are something that is generally covered under your Health Insurance policy.

When is pregnancy covered under health insurance?

Just about all the time.

Are massage therapists covered under any type of health insurances?

If they are independent massage therapists then they are not really covered under health insurance. If they are employed by an office or employer, they may be entitled to health insurance, however that depends on the company.

What is the difference between a health insurance subscriber and a health insurance member?

The Subscriber is the policy holder. A member is anyone covered under an insurance plan.

Is Cataract Surgery treatment is covered under health insurance?

cataract eye surgery is covered under health insurance, in most of the cases.. The coverage will not hold valid if it is pre-existing condition, prior to getting policy.

Are you covered under your parents health insurance if you are pregnant and a minor?

This will depend on the kind of health insurance your parents have. Some health insurance may cover pregnancy while others do not. You will need to contact your insurance agent and ask them about your family coverage.You should also have a insurance booklet that states what treatments and doctor visits are covered and what is not covered.

Can rifle be covered under insurance?

Yes a RIFLE can be covered under insurance

What is covered under catastrophic health insurance?

Serious damage, such as the breakage of a bone, or other muscle tears and ligament breakages. Also heart failures, and cancer treatment is covered in catastrophic health insurance.

Can a child be covered under the new health care reform if their employer offers insurance?


Difference between subscriber and members for health insurance?

The Subscriber is the policy holder. A member is anyone covered under an insurance plan

When married are children covered under spouse's health insurance?

In order for anyone to be covered under anyone's health insurance, they must be listed on the policy and a premium must be collected for them. If your spouse did not include their names on the plan and no premium is being collected for them, then they won't have coverage.

How to keep health care of the kids?

The Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 allows parents to keep their children on their health insurance until they are 26. This applies if they are not covered under any other health insurance.

How do I go about searching for someone to allow me to marry them for a fee so I can be covered under his health insurance plan?

I think what you are suggesting is considered fraud by the insurance company and you would get free health insurance in prison.

Is the loss of your dental appliance covered under your homeowners insurance?

No, but it may be covered under your dental insurance plan.

Can your wife be covered under your veteran health insurance?

If you are talking about Tricare insurance in the United States, then yes, the veteran can choose the family coverage option.

Is teenage pregnancy covered under the parents health insurance policy?

Assuming the teen is covered under the policy before she gets pregnant and the plan does not exclude pregnancy for all then yes.

Can health insurance cover the balance of the claim of the car accident?

Yes, your Health insurance can provide coverage for injuries received in an auto accident beyond what may have already been covered through an automobile insurance policy. Your health insurance however is specific to you and the covered persons under your policy. It will not pay for property damage or liabilities for injuries to others.

Who qualifies for life insurance with Liberty Mutual Insurance?

Anyone under the age of 65 qualifies for Liberty Mutual life insurance. It covers everything to do with health with few exceptions.....most health issues are covered though.

Protect Your Child at College with Student Health Insurance?

Do you have a child that is going away to college or is currently a student at a university? If so, your child may no longer be covered under your health insurance policy. Check with your provider when your child turns 18 to see if your child is still covered under your health insurance plan, as many health care providers consider the age of 18 as an adult. If you need to purchase health care coverage for your child, ask the college if they offer student health insurance. Most colleges offer insurance to students at a very reasonable rate.

What is covered under RBC insurance?

RBC Insurance offers both Personal and Business Insurance. Options for Personal coverage are Home & Property, Auto, Life, Health and Travel Insurance. Options for Business coverage are Life, Health (Disability), Dental, and Credit Insurance.

Will there be fines for not having health care in the US under Barack Obama?

Obamacare as we know it now will impose a $3,800 tax on a family not covered by health insurance.

Can an employer force an employee to take the health insurance they are offered if already covered under their spouse's insurance?

No, you can opt-out of your employer's group insurance and use your own. Agent

Is Chiropractic covered under Ontario Health Insurance?

No.. In 2004, they no longer cover that service. "No. The province no longer covers chiropractic services. People are responsible for paying the fees charged by chiropractors. People with private insurance may have these services covered in part or full by their private plans."