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move out of the coverage area or die

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2011-04-16 11:41:09
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Q: How can you get off a Verizon 2 year contract without paying an early termination fee?
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How do you get out of a sprint contract without paying early termination fee?

It is unlikely that you can. Unless you can show that Sprint has willfully violated the contract they are entitled to make you honor the agreement that you made. If you agreed to the contract and termination fee, why should you be able to get out of the contract, and why would WikiAnswers want to help? Plus Verizon wireless sucks so use sprint anyways. Signed, p-offed X Verizon user

Can you terminate your cell phone contract without paying a fee?

That will depend on your contract. The penalties and early termination fees will be specified in the agreement. Usually you can get a copy online from your carrier.

Can you break your lease in the state of Ohio without paying an earlier termination fee if your compnay is moving you out of state?

The lease you signed with the landlord is a CONTRACT. If the company wants you, make them pay up the remainder of the contract.

How do you get free internet on a verizon phone without paying?


Difference Between Contract and Prepaid Verizon Cell Phones?

A contract phone is a phone that you pay a monthly rate for, and have to keep paying for. They're usually cheaper, but with a prepaid phone, you can stop your service at any time without breaking the contract.

Can you cancel a cell contract?

You can cancel your contract, but you would be subject to an early termination fee that can be hundreds of dollars. Each cellular carrier has a different cancellation fee. Another option is to run a "Google" search for "get out of my contract" and you will find various services that can help you escape your contract without paying an ETF.

Can a daycare sue you for not paying a two weeks notice?

If a person signed a contract that stated they are required to pay for daycare after giving 2 weeks notice then they are responsible for paying. If there was no written contract or the written contract does not clearly state the termination fees then they may not have to pay.

Will it mess up your contract if you jailbreak your iPhone?

Just jailbreaking your iPhone won't mess up or void your contract. It will void your iPhone's warranty from Apple.Installing apps which allow you to tether your iPhone without paying the extra monthly tethering fees is violating the terms of your contract. There may be penalties, including contract termination and fees, if you are caught.

How do you get out of cable contract?

You can get out of a cable contract by paying an early termination fee or by proving the service does not work properly at your location. Cable contracts are largely associated with businesses or those with substantial savings for staying.

What Is A No Contract Cell Phone?

"No Contract" means you pay for the phone up front. You pay for the service every month in advance. If you stop paying, the phone will stop working. You can stop paying anytime you want and you don't owe anything. There is no early termination fee.

Can your work place put you on call without paying while waiting?

Depends on your contract of employment.

Does sky mobile have good deals on smartphones?

You may end up paying for more on smartphones unless you sign a certain year contract. You can get free or really cheap smartphones from AT&T and Verizon when you sign up for a contract package.

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