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try a concrete stain to blend the whitened area to whatever color it was before

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Q: How can you get rid of a bleaching effect when white vinegar was placed on concrete to remove cat urine?
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What happens when chicken bones are placed in vinegar?

When chicken bones are placed into vinegar, it changes its composition. the vinegar makes the calcium carbonate dissolve, which only leaves the collagen of the bones.

Why does a turkey wishbone turn rubber when placed in vinegar?

A turkey wishbone will turn to rubber when placed in vinegar because the vinegar dissolves the calcium. Calcium is what makes a bone hard.

What happened to the bone placed in water and in vinegar?

When a bone is placed or soaked in water and in vinegar,which is a mild acid, the calcium in the bone is dissolved away.

When the egg was placed in vinegar which way did the water molecules move?

When the egg was placed in vinegar the water molecules moved into the egg making the egg larger. The vinegar was simply used to dissolve the shell.

How do you make reinforced concrete?

Reinforced concrete is just normal concrete with steel reinforement placed inside.

Where do concrete words sit on the ladder of abstraction?

Concrete words are placed lower on the ladder, and more abstract terms are placed higher, or closer to the top.

What is the conclusions after you placed the bone in the water and in vinegar?

After placing a bone in water and vinegar,calcium is stripped off.

Why do eggs get bigger when placed in vinegar?

The egg will absorb some of the vinegar, so increasing the size of the egg.

Does vinegar have the same water concentration as an egg?

No, vinegar has a higher concentration of water than an egg. Therefore, if an egg is placed in vinegar, then it will gain mass because vinegar is hypotonic to the egg.

What consolidating concrete?

Newly placed concrete will often have air pockets in it. Rodding it or vibrating it will cause the concrete to settle, or consolidate, better.

When litmus paper is placed in vinegar what color would it turn?

Since vinegar is an acid it would turn red.

In making pickles a cucumber is placed in strong salt solution?

No, it is placed in Acetic Acid... AKA Vinegar

What is self compacting concrete?

Self Compacting Concrete also known as SCC, is a concrete which compacts itself when placed without the help of manual compaction.

Why would you remove the egg shell first if it were to be placed in vinegar?

If you place an egg in vinegar the vinegar will dissolve the egg shell leaving only a membrane or thin layer of skin.

Why is the chicken bone hard before it is placed in the vinegar?

because it has calcium in it and if u put it in vinegar it will become bendable after a few days

At what depth should the reinforcing be placed in a concrete garage floor supported by a concrete wall on all four sides and poured on compacted fill?

Steel re-inforcing in concrete should always be placed 1/3 of the depth from the bottom. A 6" thick slab would have the steel placed 2" off the bottom.

Why does zinc bubble when placed in vinegar?

Because itt has to much sugar

Can a vinyl pool be placed on brick and or concrete?

Most likely not.

How much does reinforced concrete cost?

Concrete is usually reinforced by adding steel. The cost of reinforcing concrete depends with the given area under which the steel is placed to reinforce it.

What is ready mix concrete?

concrete ingredients are directly feed in to the mixture plant and mixing done by means of machine. And it is pumped by means of concrete pump and placed in the site.

What happens to a raw egg if placed in vinegar?

it drys up in to a little ball

Metal joints are placed between concrete sections of long?


Why are pieces of rubber placed between slabs of concrete?

Concrete expands and contracts depending on the temperature. The strips are called expansion joints.

How much water is in vinegar?

Vinegar is made of acetic acid that is placed in water. The acetic acid is only about five percent of the entire liquid, so it is safe to believe that vinegar is ninety-five percent water.

How do you use baking soda and vinegar in a science experiment?

in my class, we placed baking soda in a plastic cup and added vinegar to it (about 5ml) and it started bubbling (it was cool!)