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You can use Vitamin E oil several times a day and it will help, but will not completely get rid of the scars. A plastic surgeon should be seen. If you have dark skin then there could be a small problem. Often the black race will have small white/beige scars after plastic surgery (talk to your surgeon if this is a problem for you.) If not, please see a plastic surgeon. There is so many dramatic things they can do for people in this modern age.

Good luck!

Vitamin E on scars since childhood? Are you nuts? What would be the point of complaining about a scar if Vitamin E could fix it? A scar is caused after a cut when the collagen in you skin redevelops twisted. You can't just put an oil on it and expect it to fix.

AwnserThere are many treatments for scarring but if you want effective results then laser treatment may be an option. you are better off seeing a dermatologist specialised in this area and they can advise you of the best treatment.


Please ignore the first answer that expresses an ignorance to the use of laser Scar Revision technology on dark-skin types. There are so many possibilities for dark-skin people with the use of laser and skin toning products on burn scars. Unfortunately, the more one gathers information from the internet the more one finds ignorance and, more frustratingly, surgeons who have no experience in treating dark skin types, putting dear amongst dark skin people. OK, I don't even know whether you are dark-skinned or not.

Anyway, if it is a burn scar, I believe it will be recognised by surgeons as a Hyperthrophic Scar - meaning that is is a scar/wound that has healed within the incision wound area. However, there are also 'Keloid' scars - that heal outside the incision wounds and thus making it ever so difficult to treat - successfully - as they are stubborn! Such scars require steroid injection regularly prior and after any consideration of removal as they are known to return - with a stubborn enlargement - in most or all cases. Anyway, don't worry. There's much more info.

Whether you are dark skinned or Caucasion, Laser Scar revision can smooth your (hypertrophic) scar. In most cases there is a discoloration of the scar compared to your normal skin colouring, therefore, Obagi Skin Care System can be used to tone, exfoliate and cleanse your skin prior and after any laser treatment. So, there is hope!

Please go in search of a Surgeon who has vast experience in treating burns - especially clients who are of dark-skin - if you are of this skin type. It is important for your psychological healing, as it is for your scarring, to gain some good advice and support to the possibilities available to you. Please rest assured there are possibilities, amongst those who only wish to preach otherwise when it comes to such treatment on such skin types.

All the best!

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Q: How can you get rid of burn scars on your face that you have had since you were a child?
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