How can you get rid of or tone the fat in your arms?

Toning Arms

Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers:
  • I am a registered esthetician. There is a program called EMS that is non-surgical and safe to use. Put it this way 30 minutes of this treatment is like 8 hours in the gym, however, 10 treatments and you'll be toned and trim.
  • If you're talking about what I call the "hello flab" (it shakes when you wave hello to someone on the other side of the room) then my best advice is to do exercises that work on your triceps. If you take 5lb weights in either hand and lift your arms straight up and out so your arms are at shoulder level - that's a good one. I started with 5lbs doing 3 reps of 6. Two days later it was 3 reps of 8; then two days later it was 3 x 10. Then I moved up to 8lbs and went back down to 6 reps. I now do it with 12 lbs and I'm working my way to 15. Now when I make a muscle the "hello flab" is rock solid.
  • Contrary to popular belief, doing specific exercises do not target the fat around a specific area. There is absolutely no way to target pecfic areas of fat. Period. For best results, you must do aerobic activity, weight training and proper diet to lose fat. Your body burns the fat as a whole, not from specific areas. The only way to get rid of the fat from the underarm (triceps) is to eat healthy exercise and perform exercises that tones/firms that certain area. You can do these exercises at home or in the gym, by using weights as stated above in the other comment ot if you don't have any weights you can do tricep dips, this enatails you finding a good sterdy surface that wont move and can withstand alot of weight. You stand infont of it with back to it, palms facing forward place your hands on the object i.e stair at home and you bend down from your elbows and back up again, so you are holding your weight do as many of these as you can until failure, do these everyday and it will work. The only reason why it shouldn't is if you have alot of access skin if you have lost alot of weight that can only be removed by surgery, not exercise alone.