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Alter lifestyle so that you burn more calories than you take in and by combining cardiovascular and muscle building/toning excercise routine the fat will be absorbed by the body over time or you can get lipoplasty.

Both men and women have the same set of abdominal muscles, although women may have longer waist and wider pelvis. Therefore a similar set of stomach exercises would benefit both of them. Crunches are an important part of every ab attack program. A combination of regular crunches, bicycle crunches, long arm crunches, reverse crunches and oblique crunches will strengthen and tone rectus abdominis and obliques. However, you may have to do several sets and repetitions of the crunches for the desired results. Other stomach exercises for women include the boat pose in yoga and side planks to work the stomach muscles. Strong abdominal muscles will use the excess visceral fat stored in the region, and thereby help reduce the stomach fat.

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Q: How can you get rid of your love handles and fat in your lower stomach?
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What are love handles?

Love handles are a term for the fat around your abdomen, or stomach. The term is especially used for the fat that spills over the top of your pants.

How do you get love handles?

by being fat.

How do you burn love handle fat and inner thigh fat?

I used an ab circle pro machine for love handles and inner thigh fat. I dieted too and because of that I have lost ten pounds and my stomach is flatter.

When all else fails, is liposuction the best treatment for love handles?

I believe that liposuction is not the best treatment for love handles. The fat area in the love handles is a difficult area to combat and if the liposuction works, there is a strong chance that the fat will return.

What is a sandanbara?

Love handles/ noticeable belly fat

Is gidget fat?

of course Gidget is fat! she has some nice love handles.

How can you tell if you're fat?

Double chin, love handles

What exercises get rid of love handles?

Love handles aren't a muscle so anything that burns fat. Along similiar lines, building muscle increases your metabolism which in turn helps your body burn fat.

How do you get rid of your love handles if they are genetic?

You could try a lower fat or lower carb diet and go "overboard" on cardio (one to two hours a day). Spot training or just trying to work your love handles will not work. The last resort would be lipo. ~ T Answer yes it is possible...but you would have to work twice as hard as someone whos love handles werent genetic.if you try u can really reach your goal!

How do you lose fat in the love handles and lower body if you only have a treadmill?

Fat loss happens by burning more calories than you ingest. A treadmill is an excellent way to lose fat and tone muscles. You cannot selectively lose fat in one area while preserving another. Regardless of the exercise, whether it be running, walking, cycling, skiing, aerobics or whatever you like, you will lose fat if you ingest fewer calories than you burn. Eventually your entire body will have less fat and the love handles will disappear.

What is the actual word for love handles?

THere is no actual term for "love handles" other than fat. Another description is; addipose (fatty) tissues gathered atop the oblique muscles.

If you do enough dieting and walking exercises will you eventually rid yourself of your love handles?

Love handles are fat reserves. Reducing your caloric intake and increasing your activity should cause your body to tap its fat reserves. Just keep at it and be patient.

What is the difference between good and bad fat?

'good fat' is in all the right places such as for a woman, breasts and butt. such as for a guy... not extra skinny but no love handles either. 'bad fat' is in all the WRONG places, such as belly, neck, legs, arms. love handles not wanted by most!

Just because you have love handles and no double chin could that mean that you're fat?

No, just because you have love handles and no double chin, it does not necessarily mean that you're fat. Even the leanest of people can have love handles. These are hard to tackle, but any type of cardiovascular activity to include brisk walking or jogging will burn calories. If love handles is your only problem area, it won't be too long before the extra weight is shed from there.

What does fatberg mean?

A Fatberg is A Peice of Fat That Digest In The Lower Part Of The Stomach.

Does plastic wrapped around the stomach burn fat?

no Instead of using plastic wrap...there are actually some rubber belts that can be purchased at any dept. store that can be placed around your stomach, and used during sit-ups, crunches, or even walking. If you wear this belt during these activities, it will cause your stomach, and "Love Handles" to sweat more than usual, thus helping with the loss of the fat.

How long loose love handles?

You can lose love handles by having a healthy diet and exercising every day. Some exercises that may help combat the fat around your middle are crunches and squats.

What are some good exercises to get get of love handles?

Anything that uses that area of the body. i.e. exercise aerobic/cardiovascular exercises require body fat,so go for a run and loss those handles. Some people like love handles, don't they???????????????????????????????????

Does getting a six pack help you get rid of love handles?

A six pack are just the muscles that are located in your abdominal area. By getting a six pack, you are in essesnce getting rid of the fat that is covering your six pack (i.e. love handles) and once you eliminate the fat, you will be able to see the six pack. So yes, in order to get a six pack, you will have to work off the love handles

Men tend to store their extra fat in which section of the body?

stomach/lower back

How do you get rid of mid section fat mainly love handles if you already have a health body fat percentage?

by working on the abs with lots of sit-ups.

What types cardiovascular exercise will help you lose your love handles?

Any activity, aerobic exercise or not, will help lose fat as long as the diet allows for fat loss. Diet is the key to fat loss, not exercise, because you can burn fat in your sleep or you can run all day and never burn any fat depending on how many calories you consume. Therefore, if you're diet has you in a fat burning mode, all of your activity including complete rest will burn fat. Whether or not the fat burned comes from the "love handles" will depend on your body (genetics). You have no control over where it chooses to burn the fat. So, the way to rid yourself of "love handles" is to put yourself in a fat burning mode with calorie control and then wait for the fat to leave the desired location. Spot reduction is a myth. Where we store fat and where it leave when we diet depends on genetics.

How do you burn off love handles?

Short of having lipsuction there's no way to do targeted dieting. Getting rid of love handles would require losing body fat all over, as with any dieting/weight loss scheme.

How can you loose love handles quick something you can do before bad or at the end of the day?

Sort of liposuction there's no way to target weight loss. If you want to lose love handles you need to lose fat all over. pick a better diet and stay on it.

How do girls look nude?

Depends on their size. If fat they have gigantic breasts and love handles. If thin very little breast and nice curves