How can you get your plumbing license in califirnia?

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Find a Democrat and make a "donation" as California like NYC has the best democrats money /sex can buy ( FYI democratic governors and state comptrollers NJ also comes to mind) IMHO
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Can you get your plumbing license if you have a felony?

Answer . Normally NO BUT it would depend on the location. NYC does a complete back ground check and if you had a felony arrest you will not be issued a Master plumbers or

How do you get a NY plumbing license?

BY working for a licensed master plumber for 7 years, go to an apprenticeship for 5 years (10,000 hours) 744 hours class room and then take other courses offered and after 7 d

How can you get a plumbing license in the state of GA?

Go to the Georgia Secretary Of State website at ... Applications and instructions are available there. If you do not have experience or are challeng

Do you need a apprenticeship license for plumbing?

if you are working under a master plumber you do not have to be licensed or registered. in this case NONE of your hours count towards your apprenticeship. which means you will

If you have a handyman license can you do plumbing?

No as the handymen are not qualified BUT today many companies call their non skilled / non licensed / no trainable employees a "tech" and to beat journeymen licensing they sen

How can you get a plumbing license in NJ?

Make a pay off to the MOB of course as NJ has the best senators (Democrap) money can buy and the most degenerate democratic governors of the nation with Witless and Mc Skeevy

Do you have to have a plumbing license to install a kitchen sink?

In some parts of the country yes. Most places no. In Los Angeles as long as the work is under $500 a "handyman" can do it. Countertop companies often install the sinks during

Do you have to have a plumbing license to connect sink drain?

No - but if you intend on connecting that sink drain to your house, especially where there wasn't a sink drain before you started, probably. The magic word here is "trap". An

Do you need a plumbing license in PA?

Not necessarily, depends what and where plumbing work is to be done. Check with local plumbing authority about needing license or not. Sometimes you need license to pull permi