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Check fuse and turn signal flasher relay.

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Q: How can you get your turn signals to work on your f150 ford van?
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Turn signal does not work on Ford Explorer?

2002 ford explorer turn signals not working

Why don't my turn signals work on my 98 ford explorer?

There are a couple of reasons why the turn signals will not work on a 1998 Ford Explorer. The light bulbs may need replaced or a fuse has blown.

On my 99 Ford Expeditions the turn signals does not work but the hazard lights do?

If your 1999 Ford Expedition has turn signals that do not work but hazard lights that do work, it is likely that you have a fuse that is blown. You might also have a wiring issue including exposed wiring.

What is wrong if your Ford Ranger turn signals and radio do not work?

Check your fuse!

1999 ford F150 and the turn signals just stopped working The lights turn on at both the front and back but they just stay solid Also the hazard lights dont work or blink at all?

change the turn signal flasher flasher could be a fuse

Why dont parking or turn signals work on 94 ford escort lx?

If the 4 Ways/Hazards are disconnected then neither will work the park lights nor the turn signals.

2001 Ford F150 Turn signals do not work is it a fuse or a flasher where are they and how do you replace?

Most commonly the flasher - usually located in or near the fuse box - perhaps at the left lower side of the dash by the steering column it just plugs in

Why would all your turn signals work and not your rear passenger turn signal and brake light but your rear running light works on a ford 1999 f-f150 I CHANGED THE MULTI FUNCTION SWITCHSOCKET AND BULB?

Check ground on that fixture short in the wiring it sounds like

Where can you get a gear shifter fork plate for 96 ford f150?

will a gear shifter fork plate on 89 ford f150 work on 96 ford f150

Why doesn't your rear passenger turn signal work but all other lights and turn signals work fine on a 1994 Ford Taurus?

Is the bulb blown?

Why will the brake lights warning lights and backup light not work if fuses are good get power to trans but no further this is a 1981 Ford F-150?

we have turn signals but no back up brake or warning signals we get power to signal switch on transmission but not beyond that point should this modual be changed keep in mind that this is a 1981 ford f150 and if this modual is changed will that help?

Why don't your brake lights and turn signals work on your 1994 ford club wagon?

check the fuses.