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you know when a person loves you when they put your happniess before their own...

you know if a person loves you if they 1 play wif ur hair 2 look at you deep in ur eyes 3 stares at u when ur workin in something 4 tries to hold ur hand 5 looks down when ur saying something mean to them 6 they insinuate that they love you 7 when they are sad when u r sad 8 when they r happy when u r happy 9 when they r mad when ur mad 10 when they try to get mad at you but they just cant!

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Q: How can you know that a person loves you?
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How do my best friend loves me?

You might know that your best friend loves you because he or she pays attention to you when you speak. When a person loves another person, they are often interested in what that person has to say.

How can you tell when a person loves you or not?

it's will just know

How can we know that the person loves you?

that is npt really a question that can be answered... you should just know..

I love this guy and how would I know if he loves me?

* The only way you are going to know if a person loves you is to date them and get to know each other until they decide to tell you if they love you or not.

How do you know the person seriously loves you?

If a person seriously loves you, they will always be looking at you. They will always say hi to you. they will strike up a convo with you. And they will always be nice to you.

If someone loves another person really very much and the person does not know if his lover love her too so how to know?

Ask him

How did you know if the person really loves you?

You just know. Maybe they'll stand by you through everything. You'll know if they do.

How do you know that he loves you back?

Answer You know if someone loves you back by their body rythem, the way they look into your eyes should tell you but if your really don't know, why not ask that person, that way you won't have to guess, you will know.

Who is a person who loves phrases?

You is. You is a person who loves phrases

How do you know he is the person you should marry?

If He loves, Cares,trust, single go for it

Which one will you choose either who loves you are who you love?

Choose the one who loves you......he/she might not be as good looking as the one you love, but at least you know that you can always rely on the person who loves you.

How do you know if he loves and cares about you?

how do i know that he loves me

A person who loves to know what another person life is like?

That can be called "living vicariously threw another" or "jealous".

Who does Inuysha loves?

i think he loves kagome. (DIFERENT ANSWER FROM DIFFERENT PERSON) inuyasha says he's in love with kikiyo, but if you ask me he loves kagome he either won't admit it or he doesn't know, i say he LIKES kikiyo but LOVES kagome he just doesn't know it yet ^_~

How to know a girl loves me or not?

If the girl says "I love you" then she loves you.. If she already said "I love you" then you know that she really does love you if she tries to talk to you daily... (via text, call, email, in person)

Person who loves books?

A person that loves books is called a bibliophile.

What if the person you loves get married?

If the person you loves get married you will have to die that is true

What is a kind person?

A kind person is; someone who loves themself . Because u have to love yourself to love others around you.which makes you a kind person because you know in your heart, "If this person DOESNT LIKE ME?THEN THATS PERFECTLY FINE BECAUSE I KNOW IN MY HEART I LOVE MYSELF AND JESUS LOVES ME TOO"

Which girls like Naruto?

Hinata is the only person who like Naruto. Don't know if Sakura loves him but I know Hinata does.

What are the sign that someone loves you?

his company is not bored . he cares about you

She doesn't know if she loves you?

You mean she doesn't know if HE loves you?

Does Kali love Alex?

It is possible the Kali loves Alex. The only person that can know for sure if Kali loves Alex is Kali. If Kali has told Alex then Alex would also know.

How do you know that you are loved respected and missed?

If the person still speaks to you or tries to; they miss you. If the person doesn't disrespect you and shows that they care for you then tthat person loves you.

What do you call someone who loves music?

A melolagnia person is a person who loves musics.

What do you call a person that loves nature?

A person who loves nature is a nature lover.