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How can you lose weight with healthy diet?


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March 25, 2010 12:37PM
  • You lose weight on a healthy diet because you tend to burn more calories than you eat and there is also less sugar or fat intake.
  • Maintaining or attaining a healthy weight is the result of a healthy lifestyle, not just a healthy diet. Proper exercise is as important as proper diet. Part of it as well is a a proper attitude. Eating until you are full, or until you've "cleaned your plate" is not part of a healthy diet. Eat until you've had enough, then stop. Some people confuse a healthy diet with an (unqualified) vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet can be very heavy into sugars, low in protein and lack many minerals and amino acids your body needs. There are many healthy vegetarian diet regimes but these take some planning and often the help of a good dietician to work out.