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How can you lose your bubble butt?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-17 22:33:32

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Walking, jogging, or using the cycle machine. Good luck:)

2006-07-17 22:33:32
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Q: How can you lose your bubble butt?
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How to get a bubble butt?


How do you get a bubble butt?

STEPS TO GET A BUBBLE BUTT: 1: Find a lazy weekend. 2: Sit on a couch + watch tv. 3: Only eat sugary foods and drinks. If you sit on your butt while performing these actions, you will grow a bubble butt!

How do you tell if you have a bubble butt?

Well this is an intresting question, but if you look in the mirror and your butt sticks out more than others and is very round then you might have a bubble butt

Can you stick a bubble pen up your butt?


Can you fart a bubble gum bubble?

Only if u can chew gum with your butt cheeks :)

When you lose do you get a bigger butt?

lose what

What is a big green bubble that comes out your butt?

in a cartoon it is a fart bubble or in rugrats in Parisit is goo in Phil's pants then he farts and makes a bubble

What does bubble butt mean?

It does not mean u have a flat butt.But it does mean u have a big butt I have one

What kind of foods should you avoid to lose a chubby stomach?

You should definetly avoid foods high in fat(of course) but also high in carbohydrates. They give you a bubble butt.

Why is the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet misnamed?

bubble butt

Does Tom Cruise have a bubble butt?

yes and no like tulisa

What is another word for bubble butt?

bubble bunsss chnky chunks big bootay junk in the trunk hope this helps :)

Who are contract manufacturers for bubble gum?

up your butt and around the corner

How do you ride a heavily fortified bubble butt?

use a seat belt

What is the best exercise to make your butt smaller?

Lunges and squats will make your butt smaller. Dont expect to lose the weight in your butt instantly because the butt is usually the last part of your body to lose weight.

Does Lucas Grabeel have a big butt?

YES!!! It's big, round bubble butt just like Corbin Bleu's!!

How do you lose your butt?

u cant

How do you flatten your butt?

lose weight

Why do the butt never lose weight?

Because the butt never gets exercised.

Is it true that guys like bubble butts on girls?

It depends on the guy and the butt. Some guys don't care so much about girls' butts. If you have a well shaped bubble butt you will not fail to have guys appreciate it.

What is a bubble butt?

Bubble Butts are round like a globe, usually complement a slender/slim body, they are very tight and firm.

What is a constructive force by the convection in the earth's mantle?

A hoochie mama with a bubble butt

When you lose weight do your butt get smaller?


Do you lose your butt smoking pot?


What do guys think of girls with bubble butts?

If you got a bubble butt then you good to go anytime. If you dont then you better do some tricks to get your mans attention.