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How can you make a gas scooter?

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July 15, 2015 7:50PM

You can't, unless you have a good understanding of engineering and mechanics.

who is royr dont listen to that guy you can build one go to my buddies website copy and past that to your search.this will help any other questions?

That wasn't my answer - It was last updated by me because I deleted someone's obscene comment. But I looked at the site you linked, and I suspect those machines were built by people with 'a good understanding of engineering and mechanics'. RoyR

you can but it's hard unless you have ALLLLLLLLLLL the right parts


it is easy 2 make ur own gas scooter if u have some basic fab skills, some sare parts and a welder. I have made 3 gas scooters 2 of them used a 2.5hp snow thrower motor and some tubeing from homedepot. They go close 2 45mph the other 1 was modled after the goped bigfoot and is awsome!!! i used a 50cc scooter motor form scooterX and a few mods and it goes 50mph!!!!! if a 14 year old kid can build 3 of them u can. email me if u hav any questions. i hope this helps you make ypur own scooter and i am vary much willing 2 help u or any one if they have any questions