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Q: How do you make a 33CC Gas-powered Scooter go faster?
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Is it possible to make a 33cc gas scooter faster?


How do you make a 33cc Chinese made Gas 2 Stroke scooter quicker?

You can purchase a Boost bottle that is about 20 bucks on eBay and attach it to your manifold. 3-5 mph faster and quicker acceleration. Some claim up to 10mph increase. Or if it is in you, can make your own.

How do you make a Bella scooter faster?

but a engine in it

What wires do you cut to make your scooter faster?

the brake

How do you make your motor scooter go faster if you have a 2 stroke engine?

An improved flow of air and fuel mix will make the scooter faster. You can do this with an aftermarket exhaust.

How do you make an electric scooter go faster?

Go downhill

How do you make a scooter deck spin faster?

Loosen the headset a bit.

Will an electric blower that blows air into the air intake make a 43cc scooter go faster?

Yes it will make the scooter go faster, but you could run the chance of blowing parts in the moter if you do so

How do you make an E300 razor scooter go faster?

lose some weight

How can you make a 125cc gas scooter go faster?

Really nothing get a 150cc

How do you make a e200 razor scooter go faster?

push it off a cliff

How do you make an e100 electric scooter go faster?

get a gas powered one

How do you make a mobility scooter go faster?

put a v8 init lol

Make your e100 razor scooter go faster?

Unlock the gas on the handlebars

How do you make tgb 302 sport 49cc scooter go faster?

Throw it off a will go faster

How do you make a DBX scooter go faster?

There are all kinds of kits to enhance speed of scooter even nitrous oxide look on e-bay

Does a throttle cable make a 50cc scooter faster?

unless the current cable doesn't move freely - no.

How do you make an Alta 49 scooter go faster?

Hey i put a 85cc upgrade kit in mine

Can turning the carburetor screw on a 50cc scooter make it go faster?

only if t is running to rich or to lean

How do you make an izip scooter go faster?

In the box near the throttle, there is a limiter, you need to take the limiter out then enjoy!

Which would make your deck spin faster on your scooter a threaded headset or a threadless headset?

There's no doubt that a threadless headset will spin faster and last a lot longer then a threaded headset.

What performance parts do you need to make 49cc scooter go faster?

Answeru can put in a big bore kit or a rocket key to make it faster NAAAAGGGHHTTTTTWhat you have to do is strap a rocket to your back and lean forward. BUT MAKE SURE YOU DONT TURN THE ENGINE ON!!!

How can you make a DBX 33cc gas scooter go faster?

that scooter is a piece of junk i had that last year for my birthday i rode it for a week and broke down the cylinder blew . The only i could fix if i get a new engine and plus that thing has no balls. If you blow the cylider all u have got 2 do is buy a new cylinder head. well on to the point, there are some easy ways make it go faster: 1: open the throttle all the way and look for something keeping it from opening all the way only take little bits off at a time or the throttle could open to far and start to close again. =it should be a little black block= 2:gut the exoust bytakeing everything out of the muffler but leave the empty muffler on or the cops will take the scooter away. 3:PERFORMANCE PARTS!!! I recomend cheap & fast delivery

Does a sports exhaust make a 50cc scooter faster?

It will not really improve your top speed but it will give a better growl and have better acceleration and power on the hills.

How can you make a two wheel electric scooter go faster?

It depends what kind. With the ones with the raised back you could put a chainsaw motor on it. 45+