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Your butt is fine just the way it is you dont need to impress anyone with your butt

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Q: How can you make your butt get large faster?
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What drugs can you put up your butt to get higher faster?

A very large tree!

How do you make butt grow bigger faster?

What kind of Question is this?

Do headers make a car go faster?

well they dont nesisarily make a car go faster butt most of the time they give the engine more horse power not always butt most of the time

How can you make your butt bounce?

Shake your hips left to right just a little then do it faster and use your leg muscle and your butt will shake! :)

Does running make your butt firm?

Running is one of the best cardio exercise and it primarily uses your legs,butt and core. so yes it will help you make your butt firm. Rinning on inclined surface will help you hit the butt better and attain results faster.

Does bread make your butt big?

It only makes your butt big. it is very high in carbohydrates so it will make a "large butt" if not working out or being active enough to work those "stored" carbs off... best of luck to you ... ....and your butt... !!!

How can you make your butt bigger in one week?

57 gallons of lard and a large syringe

You want a large butt what do you do to make it round and to stay soft?

Put milk on iy

How can you make a pendulum to swing faster?

If the pendulum was pushed with a large force or if it was heavier. It might swing faster.

How do you shake your butt fast?

Twist your spine. Use your arms. The bigger the butt, the faster the shake.

What drugs can you put in your butt to get higher faster?


Does puting fish oil on your butt make it grow faster then taking the pill?

No, but it does make it much slipperier, and probably doesn't smell very nice either.

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