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Replace the springs with "towing" cargo coils

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Q: How can you make your car sit up high above the wheels?
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Why do cars stay put if on high hills?

The brakes make the car wheels stay still

How do you make a car with wheels made out of Cd's?

To make a car that has wheels made out of compact discs, everything else must be in porportion.

Can hot wheels make the longest car?


How do you make wheels roll on a car?

Start the engine, put the car in gear, and drive away. All 4 wheels will be rolling.

What is the things that make from plastic and has wheels?

Toy car

How do you get hot wheels to make a model of your car?

It would have to be a very famous car.

What is the cause of car shaking above 30 mph?

Wheels are not balanced or ball joints

What makes fast car wheels?

A short stroke Nissan engine with a high performance transmission. That makes a car's wheels fast. Or an engine with High torque.

What are axels on a car?

they connect the transmission to the wheels to make it move

What is the simple way to make a simple car?

a stick on wheels.

In what darection should you turn your wheels when parking uphill without a curb?

Avoid using wheels at all when the angle is above 20 degrees. If there is no other option, get out of the car and try to manoeuvre the car by hand.

How can you make wheels for a pinewood derby car?

dude you can't make e'm, you have to buy them.

What was used to make a car?

it used steam , seats , body , wheels

Why do cars have wheels and axles?

To make it easier for humans to drive a car.

How do you make a child car?

Get a cardboard box with string and wheels and sit them in it!

Why would a car shake at high speeds?

wheels need balancing, sometimes shake is only evident at high speed

How do you make a mousetrap car go far?

Use Cd's as wheels to make less friction

How do you design a car on Roblox?

First you must get a chasis or car body. Then you must build off of it. Then you must add scripts to make the wheels move or you can just make a model with wheels and the new type of seat.

How do you make wheels on a cardboard toy car you are making?

Get some push pops and use the plastic pieces to push the ice cream up with to make the wheels

How does the gas burning in a car make the wheels move?

Sends fuel injections into the engines there for running the chains, and the motor it makes the wheels spin, Thus making the car move.

Why wheels are impotant?

Remove the wheels off your car, and you will realise how important wheels are, as your car won't be able to move.

What elements make up car wheels?

Some are steel, some aluminum.

Why your car creaks by front wheels in hot weather?

What year and make vehicle?.

How can you make your toy car aerodynamic?

light and lots of scoops and large wheels

How does a Jaguar car move?

by using gas to make wheels spin in circles