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change your number and don't give out to anyone that knows him and then avoid him at all cost if you see him around ignore and go about your normal day like he doesn't exist or ask him what is his problem and then tell him to leave you alone you don't want anything to do with him! Talk to a judge or attorney and get a restraining order. If you feel there is any threat of violence, explain that to the judge and there is little doubt that the restraining order will be awarded. After that, if he violates any part of the restraining order he can be arrested.

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Q: How can you make your ex leave you alone and quit trying to make up excuses to contact you if one time he is verbally abusive and the next time he is so in love with you and wants to work things out?
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How can you stop yourself from being verbally abusive?

If you really care about the person you wouldn't verbally abuse them. But, you can try to think of the good things about the person when your about to make a mean comment.

How can a Christian wife be submissive to her husband who say he is a Christian but yet is verbally abusive to you?

#1. he is your husband and you need to respect him if he verbally abuseve then i would sugest to talk to him about it never hide things from your husband talk it over and if still does not listen then do something about it....and you know what i mean if he really loves you he will change

Is it possible to have a relationship where your partner is verbally abusive occassionally over stupid things?

Yes. Verbal abuse is when someone says something to you that you can't say back to them. It's not what some calls's what you answer to.

You think your boyfriend is emotionally abusive how do you know?

He will verbally abuse you by saying very hurtful things as well as play head games and constantly toy with your emotional state. It is best to get out of this relationship as soon as possible.

Why is He so verbally abusive?

He can be verbally abusive due to many different reasons. I will explain some examples. He may have grown up with a father who was verbally abusive, and he may have picked up on his father's characteristics of being verbally abusive. He may be verbally abusive because he lacks self confidence.Another reason why he is verbally abusive is because he may be trying to control you. Control in relationships may not be recognized easily,however, if you are experiencing verbal abuse you should be aware that he may be trying to control you. You should try to take actions to change his behavior, seeking help from counselors is a great way to start. Verbal abuse can effect you mentally,physically, and emotionally. Anwer2. Verbal, emotional and physical abuse are forms of VIOLENCE. The Bible makes this point at Ephesians 4:31: Put away from yourselves every kind of malicious bitterness, anger, wrath, screaming, and abusive speech as well as everything injurious." Jehovah God does not approve of abusive speech or conduct and that victims should not accept such behavior as normal or as something that is their fault. People that belittle others just try to elevate themselves because of their own insecurities. Being a victim of verbal or physical abuse can be devastating. Do not continue to suffer in silence, hoping things will change. THEY DO NOT!!! Often a person who is abusive needs to seek professional help for something that has happened in their past that they have never dealt with. It could have been an abusive father, a molestation or something else traumatic. You can suggest that both of you go to counseling together. If he is not agreeable, ask yourself, is this really a situation you want to stay in long term. Only you can decide whether it is worth it, but know that everyone deserves to be treated with love, kindness and respect.

After being in a verbally abusive relationship does the victim often become the abuser in her next relationship?

It does often happen that people will learn how to get their way through verbal aggression, from their own experiences of being verbally abused. Life is an endless learning experience, but sometimes people learn the wrong things. Answer I think it COULD happen but I think it would be the exception and not the rule. Victims in these kinds of situations are usually not abusive types of people - that's why they are victims. If it is an adult who grew up in a verbally abusive environment they may be the victim for a while and then finally snap and turn the tables and become the abuser but I think in most circumstances the victim would not become the abuser in the next relationship.

Is your boyfriend abusive when he throws things?

Yes he is abusive and this is happening to you, you need to end it or if he throws things at you go to the police

Your brother is divorced His ex wife is extremely verbally abusive to him and says things in front of the kids who are 2 and 6 years old What can he do?

He can talk to his kids and let them know that their mother is just angry for some reason and assure them that he is not what she is calling him. He should not retaliate and say abusive things about her in front of them. My father left me and my mom when I was 5 years old and until this day she has never said anything bad about him.

Will your verbally emotionally and sometimes physically abusive husband ever change?

Sure, he's likely to get worse. Things won't get better unless you make it happen. Either leave him or make him go with you for marriage counseling. See where it goes from there.

What does excuses are tools of incompetence used to build monuments of nothingness mean?

It means excuses are things used by people who are incapable of doing things. And they keep using them/ building them on top of each other, making monuments. Monuments of nothingness, because excuses mean nothing. So those who specialize in excuses are seldom masters of anything. Meaning they'll never master or be good at anything as long as insist on using excuses.

What should you do if your friend always makes excuses for not hanging out?

If the excuses seem legit then try and plan things ahead of time before your friend makes other plans. If the excuses are way too "out there" then find a new friend.

How do you know someone is going to break up with you?

They will make excuses to not be around you, seem standoffish, make an argument to get away, deliberately avoid any contact with you, lack of communication or physical contact - things just will not seem right or feel right between you two.

How can you tell when your in a abusive relationship?

the way to tell if you are in an abusive relationship is if your partner is forcing you to do things that are harmful to your saftey, or dangerous. like things you dont want to do. so remember, being forceful, or hurting one another in a relationship is abusive. even if it is the smallest thing like a hit on the head becasue you said no, its still abusive..hope this helped

What would be considered abusive in things fall apart?

Although this is not an exclusive list, the beating of a wife daily without provocation was considered abusive.

Would an abusive ex-partner who still bothers you be mad if he suspects you are involved with a new man?

If he ever found out he certainly would be. I hope you aren't living with this abusive partner! If you are still in contact with your ex (don't!) you'd be playing a very dangerous game. Abusive men like total control and if he finds out he's lost one smidgen of control over you things will only get worse for you. To be honest I think you are having a little game playing of your own going on. If you left him, have no contact with him, then why should you be so worried he'd find out? Don't talk on the phone with him or have any contact.

Should you leave a verbally abusive partner?

It really just depends on what he calls you. Are you aware of the fact that he's just "joking" in his point of view or not? ----------- Does he know that he's hurting you by his words? If he does, is he hurting you on prupose? Ask him these things, tell him it hurts. If it makes no difference to him then you have your answer. If he didn't realize how hurt you are, then you two can talk about it. If a couple can discuss these things, then they can work it out and you probably wouln't want to leave him.

How do you know when someone is in an abusive relationship?

i know from past relationship that having an abusive relationship is not easy but there are no signs you can look out for or things you could do, if the person loves there partner you carnt do nothing i was in a abusive relationship and kind of still am but that's tough love for you xxx

Why do women who've been in abusive relationships themselves choose to be friends with abusive men?

This sounds like sour grapes about people who have been caught in abusive relationships--like it is their choice. Of course, no one specifically seeks out someone who is abusive. Actually, so many of the abusive mates are very charming and attractive (make you laugh, have fun, offer nice courtesies) in the beginning, which is so appealing. They just can't keep the facade when things get real, and there is commitment by the other person, so there is less incentive to mind their manners. Looking back, I can see several "what was That?" instances in my relationship. And that is the issue--we all go back to familiar behaviors unless we have had time out to have the insight to see ourselves as we are and to view our choices with more logic than emotion. A veteran of an abusive relationship needs to take things slow, observe the red flags (ie. did the person's ex leave them suddenly and without explanation? Are they quick to anger? Do they blame you for things you have no control over? etc.), and spend time with the other person in several different circumstances. If you can delay having sex with the new person and mixing those endorphins into the decision making, you will be better off. A good resource is the book by Patricia Evans--The Verbally Abusive Relationship.

Your husband swears and throw things when he is angry is this abusive?

Yes!!! It most certainly IS abusive. Abuse is much more than physical. Please, please get yourself to a councelor. The sooner the better.

How do you cope living with an abusive husband?

First off is he verbally abusive or physically abusive / If it's physically, why are you asking how to cope with it. In my opinion noone has to cope with that kind of garbage. Im not telling you what to do, but I personally would get out of the marriage now before something seriously wrong happens, and I think you know what Im talking about. Im not a psychology professional or anything like that, But I grew up in a home with a severe physically abusive father, so I have a strong idea of what you are going through. Just one last thing, get some legal help from the police, a lawyer, department of social services, someone, anyone. Just don't "wait and see if things get better", more often thatn not, they don't.... Answer: Please, please I beg you to get professional help. There are so many professional organizations out there to help you. Contact the police immediately to put a stop to this abuse, THERE IS NEVER A REASON FOR A MAN TO ABUSE A WOMAN, NEVER. Beating a woman is just not acceptable, beating one's mate is a gross sin in God's eyes. Contact Social Services for you and any children you may have. I sincerely hope this works for you.

If someone says that they hate you or cant stand you should you believe it?

This really depends on the situation and factors involved. For example, In arguments people say a lot of things that they don't actually mean due to anger, frustration and hurt.However, if you are in a relationship and you hear such things frequented, you should believe that some where in there heart they have ill feelings towards you.If someone is telling you such things often it is a Verbally Abusive relationship and I strongly suggest that you remove yourself and/or seek professional help.

How do you tell when a boy no longer likes you?

If a boy no longer likes you he will: 1. Make up excuses to not hang out with you. 2. Be unable to converse with you. 3. Avoid eye contact. 4. Stop being interested in the things you like. 5. Start checking out other girls.

How do you know guy likes you?

theres different ways they can mess with you, constantly look at you, find excuses to talk to you, and other things to

How do you know if you are being verbally abused?

If you are being sworn at, called names and things you aren't comfortable than that is verbal abuse.

What are two things that are the same about contact and non-contact forces?

gravity and contact