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you just have to walk 30 minutes a day. I lost 3 kgs in the thighs in just 3 weeks!

do pilates!! twenty minutes a day works wonders for me! alos you can dress to make your thighs look thinner, dark colored jeans, vertical stripes, jeans with whisker wash. Avoid cargo pants with pockets on the legs. They tend to accentuate bulkiness.

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Q: How can you make your thighs look thinner?
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How can you make your thighs thinner but not build muscle?

Side Leg Lifts .

Which swimsuits will be able to make my midsection look thinner without pushing everything down and puffing my thighs up?

You can make your midsection look better by purchasing a black swimsuit which will look like it's tucking your stomach and won't puff your lower body.

Do compression capris make you look thinner?

Compression capris can make you look thinner. They also help hide trouble areas.

Why does black make you look thinner?

I believe you meant 'does wearing black make you look thinner'...the answer is yes. The opposite is true if you wear white.

How can you make your lips thinner?

One way to make your lips thinner is to have cosmetic surgery. You could also try putting on makeup to try and make them look thinner, such as a lip pencil.

How can you make your thighs look skinny?

Baggy trousers and lots of exercise.

How do you make yourself look thinner in a bikini?

lost cause

Is there a way to position you mirrior to make you look thinner?

A long mirrors can work.

Small chest and waist virtually no fat up top But you are big on your hips and thighs and have very big arms you look out of proportion how can you make your arms thinner and your legs thinner?

You are an ectomorph, google it for any specific workout regimes, otherwise, you just store your fat differently, to lose it, reduce your caloric intake and start running to lose weight.

Does light hair look thinner?

Yes it is thinner.

Name something that woman do to make themselves look thinner?

Get a tan.AnswerEat less and exercise.

What color that makes you slim?

The theory is that darker colors make you look thinner. It works for me.

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