How can you obtain collision and comprehensive auto insurance on a vehicle with a salvage title in NJ Can you insure it under your homeowner's policy?

Homeowners insurance does not cover vehicles used on public roads.

It should not be a problem. Geico insures salvage cars, as do most insurance companies. Just remember the car is worth less as a salvage if it's re-totaled the actual cash value of the car is about 40% less than a comparable clean titled car. And it's easier to re-total the car a 2nd time since it's worth less, so minor damage may re-total it. Lesson: don't pay too much for salvage cars and don't get in an accident!

**14Jun11- Just called Geico and they said will insure my Salvage Title here in New Mexico, but will also allow me to add Comprehensive to the policy.

The company I am currently with will also insure the vehicle for liability but WILL NOT insure for comprehensive.

The choice is to go without comp or switch companies. You decide!