How can you prevent the pain and tearing in your eyes caused by wearing contacts?

If you have pain in your eyes from wearing contact lenses you should remove them immediately and make an appointment with your Optometrist. You can avoid pain and irritation by doing the following: Make sure that you are wearing the correct lens type- Contact lenses come in many different shapes and sizes. The wrong lens may irritate the eye and cause pain. The excess tears are cause by the eye trying to flush the lens out of your eye. Make sure that the lens isn't inside out! This will often cause irritation to the eye

Ensure that the lenses are kept clean- Dust or dirt on the lenses will irritate the eyes and a build up of nasty germs can do alot of damage. Around 70% of the bacteria found on contact lenses is feacal in origin! Use the right solutions- Like lenses, solutions come in many different varieties. Some contain peroxide and if used incorrectly can do serious damage to your eyes. Always check with your Optometrist before buying solutions. Make sure the lens isn't torn or broken- A slight tear in the lens can be very uncomfortable. you're eyes may water and become inflamed. If when yoyu remove the lens you can see that it has split or broken- see your Optometrist immediately. Do not try to remove any pieces of lens from your eye. Most importantly though, always follow the advice given by your Optometrist- your eyes are too precious to mess around with!