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If it is on your credit report, most large apartment communities will not allow you to rent without paying off this balance. My suggestion to you would be to go on, or look in the pennysaver magazine, or newspaper and find a smaller owner looking to rent out their place. They are more often likely to believe a sob story and rent to you anyway.

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Q: How can you rent an apartment if you broke a lease in the past?
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WHAT IS Gain to lease in apartment?

It means if an apartment rent is $500 and they rent you the apartment for $550, the apartments have a $50 gain to lease. If they rent it for $450, they have a $50 loss to lease.

How do you collect from tenant who broke lease?

Depends on the details. How much of the lease was left when the tenant broke the lease? Did you re-rent the apartment? If so, when? Contact me with the details and I will try to help. In the meantime keep track of all the charges. My Email:

Can apartment raise rent during my lease?

if it says in your lease that they can - did you read it before you signed it ??

Can a apartment complex collect past due rent if the apartment has been released?

Past due rent is past due rent, no matter how you look at it. It is money that is still due the landlord.

What is variable rental lease?

how much rent and do you check credit get the apartment

If you sign a lease on a apartment your rent is?

Due on the day you sign the agreement.

Can you break a lease on an apartment if you cannot afford the rent?

You can, but you'll owe them for each month until they rent it.

What kind of credit is needed to rent an Apartment?

i lease apartment in florida and pay up. in colorado i can get apartment 570 credit score

What can happen if you stop paying your lease payment on your apartment halfway through the lease and you leave the apartment?

The landlord has an obligation to try to rent it. If she cannot, she can sue you for each month, through the end of the lease.

Do you have to pay rent if the apartment has a problem?

You do if you have a lease agreement or f you stay in the apartment when you have no lease. There are conditions under which you can withhold rent, but these conditions vary from state to state and all require formal notice to the landlord about why the rest is withheld .

Can you get out an apartment lease if you lose your job?

I lost my job and can not afford the rent any longer. Is there any way I can get out of my lease?

What does sublet mean?

To lease or rent your already leased or rented apartment/house

Can a landlord break a rental lease if the tenant doesn't pay rent?

Absolutely. Not paying the rent is a violation of the lease, so in essence it is the tenant who broke the lease, and the landlord is exercising his rights.

What happens when one of the two people who are on the lease is behind on their half of the rent?

Basically every lease has one lease holder. Anyone else on the lease is usually someone who was being allowed to live in the apartment. The main lease holder is the one who was responsible for the rent. So if anyone else moves out, the full amount of the rent is expected from lease holder.

Do you still pay for half of the rent on an apartment when your girlfriend breaks up with you and you are not on the lease in order to get her love back two weeks later?

Well, if you expect to get her back, then Yes! However, if she broke up with you, you are not on the lease and are not living in the apartment, house or whatever, then morally, No. Then again, in some states you don't have to be on the lease if you made a verbal agreement/contract to pay for half of the rent for any amount of time that you were living there. In that case then yes you are responsible for half of the rent for whatever month you moved out, even if you were only there for a couple of days in that month.

If one person decides to rent a 2 bedroom apartment for a year and is not working but is in school can they still live there as long as they have somebody paying for it?

The rental company will require you and the person who is paying your rent to sign the lease. You both will be responsible for the apartment for the duration of the lease.

Can the landlord charge the tenant a fee for breaking the lease if the apartment is rented again in few days?

This depends upon whether that fee is quoted on your lease when you signed it. It is not there, then landlord cannot charge you because he rented the apartment quickly after you left. However he may be able to keep your security deposit if you broke your lease. If there was a lease, the terms are generally such that you are responsible for the rent for any month that the apartment is vacant from the time you vacate the apartment to the time the lease ends OR the apartment is rented out, whichever comes first. Since the landlord did not suffer any damage by breaking the lease - he rented out the unit just a few days that you left - there shouldn't really be any reason for him to charge a fee. But if that is stated on your lease then he has the right to do so.

When was the fist time you filled a lease form?

The first time I filled a lease form was several years ago when I was 20. I was using the lease to rent my first apartment

If your ex moved out and broke the lease but paid his half of the lease till the end can he still show up to the apartment?

Yes, at least in any state I know of. I don't see how he broke the lease, except that under the rule of "Joint and Several Liability" he owes the whole rent amount each month through the end of the lease - as do you. That means that the LL can go after either party for the entire rent, or evect everybody, even if one person has paid their portion. There's really no such thing as 'my half of the rent.' This rule varies by state, but, in any case, if he paid, he has a right of access.

If you still have time in your lease can you get out of your apartment?

You can get out of a lease but there is always a penalty. Usually you have to pay aat least a months rent plus an additional charge. Some properties can charge you for the rest of the lease. That means if you have six months left on your lease then you owe six months rent!

Are there any common loopholes that I can use to get out of my rent or lease agreement?

A rent or lease agreement is very secure and hard to get out of. A deal has to be made with the rental company to terminate the lease. These usually require getting somebody else to take over the apartment for the rest of the lease term.

What is the maximum rent increase per year on a yearly apartment lease in NJ?

7 percent

Can you rent your own apartment in Texas if your 17?

You would have to have a legal adult co-sign the lease.

Could you rent another apartment while you are under a lease of another and then break for lease of the old one?

yes u can it's ur money

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