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If the hosel is broken, it's probably not worth fixing. If the shaft has broken, leaving you with a clubhead with a little bit of shaft down in the hosel, it's not a big deal to re-shaft it. A local Golf shop can do it, or you can use it as your excuse to explore the wonderful world of clubmaking. Best case there's enough of the broken shaft sticking out so that you can grab it with vise-grips. Heat the hosel with a propane torch until the epoxy bond fails, then twist the broken piece out. If not, you can use a shaft extractor, which is like a screw extractor (a.k.a. an easy-out to get a grip on the shaft, then heat it with a torch as before. Either way, once you get the hosel cleaned out, re-shaft as usual.

You can most definitely drill the excess shaft that is broken off in the hosel if that is the case, then if you want, you CAN make an even cut across the old shaft, as low as possible, and use that shaft to reshaft, but that will result in a club up to 2 inches shorter. Regardless, if you do reshaft, find the strongest epoxy you can, because I have been reshafting clubs for a good while and I have given up on the cheap stuff, it just doesn't cut it. (Especially on irons)

Your local pro can and will repair the club if it is worth repairing, but don't bother if it's not worth more than $50-$100.

You can reshaft yourself by drilling out the old piece of shaft left in the head or heat the shaft/head up to break the old glue bond and pull. Find a local place that sells heads, shafts, etc of try They have a wealth of information.

2014-06-05 16:28:30
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What glue do you use to repair the golf club?

If this is gluing the shaft into the head, epoxy is best.

My golf club head fell off i need to fix it?

Most golf clubs offer golf repair services as well as stores such as Golf Galaxy, Golf Headquarters. etc.

What is the toe on a golf club?

Toe is the front part of the head of the golf club.

What is the head of a golf club called?

The Club Face

What is a golf club hosel?

Hosel is the the socket (or neck) in the head of a golf club into which the shaft is inserted.

What is the purpose of golf club headcovers?

The main purpose of golf club head covers is to protect the golf club. Head covers are available in many designs and themes to suit every golfer's need.

Where is the hossel of the golf club?

The Hosel (one 's') is the socket or neck in the head of a golf club into which the shaft is inserted.

What causes a driver's shaft to be broken in golf?

Hitting the head against the ground, throwing the club, or backing over it with a golf cart are all ways you can break a shaft...but hitting the ground with the head on your swing is the most popular way.

Where can golf club head covers be bought?

One can buy golf club head covers from many retail outlets. Any department store selling golf clubs and other equipment will also carry club head covers. Speciaist golf shops such as Golfsmith stock them in all sorts of shapes and materials.

What does A mean on the head of a golf club?

Approach wedge

What were golf club head originally made out of?


What does the FW mean on the head of a golf club?

Fairway Wood

Did Prince Harry get hit in the head with a golf club?


Where can one find information about golf club head covers?

There are a variety of online sites that can give information on golf club head covers as well as sites that sell golf club head covers for a cheap, affordable price. A site that comes highly recommended for many golfers is Amazon, GolferPro, and ShopGolfOnline.

How can you repair a golf when the club head is separating from the shaft?

If the actual head is coming off the club you can either take it to your local pro or golf shop and get them to refix the head, this is a very inexpensive process. If however the ferrule is coming lose, you can simply glue it back with shaft epoxy, however, the ferrule is used for cosmetic purposes only, so if you are unable to glue it, you do not need to worry.

What are golf club head cover number tags used for?

To tell which club is under the cover

What is the diameter of a golf club grip and head?

Grip: It depends what grip you are using Head: about 45in.

If the head of a guitar broke is it possible to repair it?

Yes, depending on the break and whether the broken parts can be reassembled, it may be possible to repair a broken head. The technique to repair it will be based on the break itself and of course that cannot be determined here.

Is a golf club an example of a third class lever?

yes, a golf club is an example of a third class lever. The axix is the wrist and the resistance is the club head. the force is place right in between.

What golf resort has family friendly activities?

Hilton Head Crowne Plaza Resort which is in the States has a golf club called Shipyard Golf Club were kids can enjoy and do activities there. Definitely one to consider.

What are the benefits of using golf club head covers?

The benefits of using golf club head covers are plenty, they protect your golf clubs from getting rust early on, they keep dust off them, they help you avoid scuffs and scratches on your clubs, preventing it from unnecessary damage.

What is golf club socket?

The socket is known as the hosel, it is where the head is connected to the shaft.

What does s mean on the head of a golf club?

it usually means sand wedge

How durable are the Custom Name Personalized Golf Club Head Covers?

The Custom Name Personalized Golf Club Head Covers are made from high quality materials and are extremely durable. They will outlast most brands currently on the market.

How is golf different from football?

•In golf, a club is used •In golf, you don't wear armor •In golf, you don't run •In golf, you play it carefully instead of head on •In football, Old people can't play.