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You might try fiber glass repair kit. It's important to wire brush all rust from the metal. After repairing you should use what's called rust converter on the metal which will seal it so no more damage from rust will occur.

What I did was added 4' x 10 ' piece of sheet metal available from a heating and air conditioning supply house. had to empty pool and remove top rails and inserted new metal and bolted sheet metal to pool wall. my old pool wall split. so was able to save pool all is great pool up and running I was told by a pool company that's been in business for over 30 years,that you can sand down the sides and get all the rust off,and then apply Duct Tape down the inside of the wall.I'm going to give it a try. I recently made this very repair without having seen this page. A neighbor recommended the "sheet metal" method as described above. I thought I'd get a little more specific in case it might be of assistance (My pool is aluminum 24' by 52" round and it is 13 years old). First, I had to drain the water at least down to the level of the lowest corrosion hole. Then, remove pool rails and peel back pool liner so that the hole is accessible from both sides.

Then, remove all rust from both sides of the pool wall with a wire brush or sandpaper. Wipe clean, and then spray with Rustoleum so that the rust will not return. Next, take your piece(s) of sheet metal and be sure that you have enough to cover all corrosion holes. For my repair, I had holes in a line from the skimmer and return down to the ground, but the sheet metal measured about one foot across so that I was more than covered. I also spray painted (clear) the sheet metal so that it wouldn't rust in case any moisture reached it. Then, apply a double layer of duct tape all the way around every edge of the sheet metal so that the edges and corners will not tear the liner. Line up the sheet metal so that it covers the holes, and duct tape it in place securely.

Next, check the liner for any holes that may be present. If there are holes in the walls of the pool, the water pressure may have pushed holes through the liner without the support in those spots. If there are any holes, they can be repaired with a vinyl pool liner repair kit (found at any pool store or online). That's about it. Now all you have to do is put the liner back, replace the rails and other hardware, and refill the pool. Check your chemical levels if you have to replace a lot of water.

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Q: How can you repair holes from corrosion in metal pool walls?
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