How can you restore a jailbroken ipod touch without deleting the data?

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Its not possible to restore without deleting data..
Restoring the iPhone will erase everything on it, so make sure everything on the iPhone is backed up prior to restoring.
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What is a jailbroken iPod touch?

it pretty much is a ipod with like its seceriy and firewalls cracked. You can do stuff a normal iPod can't Whitewolf755894- A jailbroken Ipod or Iphone is a Ipod or Iphone with a hacked security features and it allows things like third party apps, third party games, free music, free movies, for ( Full Answer )

How do you restore a disabled iPod Touch?

First, if you haven't already, download iTunes. Secondly, Plug your device into your computer. Finally, Click on your devices name and click restore.

What does a jailbroken iPod touch do?

With a jailbroken iPod Touch, you can... . Put a picture behind your apps . Create folders to put apps in . Download third party apps that are not available in the App Store . Customize the lock screen, such as a customizable slider to unlock and a sound when you unlock it. . Type in cydia.h ( Full Answer )

Does installer require a jailbroken Ipod Touch?

The app installer on the ipod touch or iphone requires a jailbreak. You can do a quick search on google on "install quickpwn" and that will help you jailbreak your iphone 3g or the ipod touch 1st generation. NOTE: THE JAILBREAK FOR THE IPOD TOUCH 2G IS NOT AVAILABLE YET! If you have an ipod touch 1g ( Full Answer )

Jailbroken iPod Touch stuck on recovery mode. I can't restore it with iTunes or reboot it like normal.?

try putting it in duf mode.( if it doesnt make a sound on your computer then you have to time it.) if u dnt know how to do it. hold the top and bottem butten Dow for 10 secs then let go of the bottom one till u here a sound on ur computer Edit: my answer. This does work (for me at least..) becau ( Full Answer )

What can a jailbroken iPod touch do?

A jailbroken iPod touch is basically like hacking it. You can personalize your homescreen with a wide selection of themes and you can also get apps that cost money for free by downloading a package from the software that automatically installs when you jailbreak your ipod touch. I have jailbroken my ( Full Answer )

Is a jailbroken ipod touch legal?

A jailbroken iPod Touch is certainly legal. However, the act of getting every app in the App Store for free (the ones that require payment) is illegal.

How do you know if your ipod touch is jailbroken?

It wont just jailbreak by itself you must do it and if you simply google search "jailbreak ipod" there will be plunty of sites that tell you how to do so and the signs that it is broken.

What happens when you restore your ipod touch?

It sets your ipod back to factory mode which basically resets everything on your ipod so if i wanted to keep my things i would sync all my apps, movies, music, contacts etc to itunes

Can an ipod touch 3g be jailbroken?

As some people have found to their cost not only is possible to jailbreak ( remove all safety features from Apple on the iPod) the iPod it is also possible to find out how many viruses do run on an iPod

Can you restore an iPod if jailbroken?

Yes, but it will erase everything on the iPod, including things available only to jailbroken iDevices, such as Cydia, Winterboard, etc. You can then put all NON-jailbroken media back on the iPod by using a backup file of the iPod which is saved on iTunes.

How do you restore your iPod touch 3gen?

Well for any iPod you could plug it into your computer and when it comes up go to summary and click "Restore" it will be under "Update" But if you don't have that computer with you, on your iPod touch, go to settings, then go to General, then go to Passcode Lock, then enter a/your Passcode, and sw ( Full Answer )

How can you update jailbroken iPod touch?

if its already jailbroken than you will need to unjailbreak it (take the jailbreak off) then when its normal ;go to itunes go to and click update and cancel it because it will erase every thing than push shift+restore and it will update .then when its done install your jailbreak program:blackra1n, ( Full Answer )

Does jailbreaking an iPod touch delete all previous data?

Your answer: no (tentative) meaning no UNLESS you screw something up, really bad, so if you can do it without getting any serious errors then you should be fine, but any SERIOUS errors (not like they happen often unless you have no idea what you're doing) and you'll have to do a full restore from iT ( Full Answer )

Is it bad if you have a jailbroken ipod touch?

No, it is not bad if you have a jailbroken iPod Touch. Jailbreaking an iPod Touch is just a way to access personalization settings that are not normally available for an iPod Touch. Jailbreaking is fine, to a certain extent, though. What is bad, though, is using the jailbreaking to download apps t ( Full Answer )

How do you get free apps on a jailbroken ipod touch?

Now that is down, installous can not be downloaded from cydia, but you can get it from other places. There are some bugs for older ipods, but other than that, there is no way currently

Does apple fix jailbroken ipod touch?

No. Jailbreaking an iPod Touch voids your warranty. If you send them the device anyway Apple will be able to detect that you have jailbroken your device and refuse to repair it. Wrong, jailbreaking an ipod touch became legal a long time ago... and with my research i can prove that if apple refuse ( Full Answer )

Does restore reinstate warranty to jailbroken iPod?

Restoring an iPod should reinstate the warranty to a jailbroken iPod, unless a problem occurs during restoration, then the warranty isn't in effect since you are trying to restore a jailbroken iPod.

How can you get a jailbroken iPod touch?

On sites such as eBay and CraigsList, there are some people who sell jailbroken iPod Touches. You cannot get a jailbroken iPod Touch from a regular retailer, but you can jailbreak an iPod using various other sites (links will not be posted because jailbreaking can allow downloading of all apps for f ( Full Answer )

Will restoring your iPod delete cydia?

Yes, if you restore your iPod or iPhone on iTunes it will delete Cydia. The restore function on iTunes restores your iPod or iPhone to its previous settings.

How do you fix your jailbroken iPod Touch?

i have the same problem, but i have come across a few methods that work for other people(except me). Maybe these will help: 1. You can force reboot your ipod (hold down power and home button for 5 secs) every 5 minutesfor about 45 minutes straight. 2. You can plug you ipod into itunes, force reboot ( Full Answer )

Can the new iPod touch with the camera be jailbroken?

yes it can but not if you go and download the new update because then it will give your ipod touch some minor glitches which include crashing and not turing on for a couple of minutes

How do you get Pokemon White on jailbroken iPod touch?

Thanks for Taking An Intrest In Pokemon For The iPod I Am Currently Developing An Application Which Will Be Approved By Apple INC As It Does Not Break Any Of There Terms Of Service Which Will Bring Every Pokemon Game To The iPod Touch 2G + & iPhone 3 + Also You Will Notice You Will See A Change In P ( Full Answer )

How do you restore your IPod touch without losing everything?

there are 2 ways one way is that if you already have all your apps synced on itunes then no problem or the best way, that you download ifunbox (search for it on Google) and it is an ultimate iPod/iPhone filemanager. just copy paste all your files to the CPU :D hope it'll work P.s I haven ( Full Answer )

How do you get homescreen wallpapers on jailbroken ipod touch?

There are several ways. 1. Download a Cydia tweak called MyOS. 2. Put into the system files. This also allows you to use it when in same mode. You have to edit the file /System/Library/CoreServices/ You do this in iFile. You use the text viewer. Scroll down until you ( Full Answer )

How do you delete music on jailbroken iPod touch without iTunes. I can't connect it with iTunes or it will delete all of my apps I have. If you have a solution for either it would be appreciated.?

You right click on where it says " name iPod" and then click on transfer purchases you have to keep doing it because it only does one app at a time. If you go up to file and click on transfer purchases it won't work you have to do it the iPod way and if u want to transfer all your songs get media wi ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of a respring loop on iPod touch without restoring?

Try holding the Home (bottom button, the circle) and the Power (the one of the top) for 10 seconds to restart it. If that doesn't work, you will have to restore :( or you can use ibooty from ih8sn0w set your idevice on dfu then run it. it will look like restore but is not.