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By throwing the pump into the pool

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Q: How can you return water out of your pump into the pool?
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What are return lines in a swimming pool?

The pipes that return the water from the pump back to the swimming pool are called return lines. This isn't the "fill line" that puts more water (domestic) into the pool to make up for evaporation, but rather the pipe after the pump and filter.

How do you connect a pool pump to the pool?

There are return fittings built into the pool walls. You will hook up the pump to the pool filter using PVC connections. What type of pool and pump/filter do you have? I can answer the question more thoroughly with more information.

Your pool pump is not circulating water?


What is the name of pump that you can pump water out of a pool or ditch?

A Bilge Pump is what it is referred to on ships when you pump water over board. Trash pump.

What happened if torn off the pump in a pool above ground?

The pump acts as the suction to pull the water into the filter and return it to the pool's jets. What item was torn off? You would have to close the valves on your returns so the pool's water does not come out through the broken part. Can you post pics or explain more? Good luck!

Swimming pool losing water?

If no water is visible around pump/filter mechanism then there is a crack somewhere in the pool or pipes leading to and from pump/filter.

How do you install water return fitting on an above ground pool?

To install the water return fitting above the ground pool, you have to switch off the source. After this you can then install the water.

How can you tell if pool pump is not working properly?

The one way you colud tell if the pool pump is not working propley is by checking if the pool is getting air inside or idf theres a hole in the pool or in the pool pump. If your pressure on your filter is low then check to see if your basket has crack and letting debris get past. This will clog the impeller and slow down the water flow. If you have good return in the pool then you are getting a good return through your pump. If you can see that the pump basket area (trap) is full of water or in this case full prime than you are OK. If you have half or 1/4 full in this area then the impeller or you have air coming into the pump. If your pressure gauge is high try to backwash or clean your filter and see if this didn't help the flow.

How do i keep my in ground swimming pool from holding water?

Pump the water out or put a cover over the pool.

Is return drain better than main drain?

A "return drain" in reality would be called a return fitting . It's the one where the filterer, heated water goes back to the pool thus RETURN. Main Drain is that grate looking device at the deep end of the pool on the bottom where water is sucked from the pool and sent to the pump - the part of the equipment with the motor and clear lid. The filter - sometimes wrongly referred to as the pump - is the large round or vertically rectangular shaped tank. You need both. k

How do you stop water from flowing through plumbing in order to repair a PVC line to a booster pump in a pool?

There are special plugs that fit into the return and suction fittings in the pool. They come in various sizes and configurations. The first thing is to turn off the pump.

What is the difference between pool booster pump and circulation pump?

The circ pump is used to circulate the water thru the filter. The booster pump is for running the pool sweeper.

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