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Harpo Productions PO Box 909715 Chicago, IL 60607

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Q: How can you send a wedding invitation to Oprah?
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You send a wedding invitation to everyone but me?

* Yes, you send a wedding invitation to everyone, but yourself and the groom. However, keep one of the invitations to put in your wedding photo album.

Should I send a separate wedding invitation to people 16 and over?

You send a single wedding invitation to married couples and minor children. To grown children, you send individual wedding invitations.

Should be wedding invitation send to grandparents?

I think it is totally depend on you. They are family members so no need to send a wedding invitation. If they are living in other counties or home, you can send wedding invitation to them. Last month I bought my invitation at Dream Wedding Card and sent it with my grandparents because they are live in another home.

Do you still send a wedding invitation to someone who says they will be out of town?

Yes, you should still send a wedding invitation to anyone who will be out of town on the day of your wedding so they have the opportunity of keeping it as a memento.

Is it proper to send your parents an invitation to your wedding?

yes i think why?

How do you write a letter to invite your boss to your wedding?

Just send your boss a wedding invitation.

What are invitation wedding cards?

Invitation wedding cards are the ones you send out to the people who you wish to attend a wedding. Those people will have the exclusive pass to be there to witness the event.

Should you send a wedding invitation to your best man?

Yes. You should send invitations to all members of your wedding party!

How far in advance of the wedding can you send a gift?

Anytime after you receive an invitation.

If you don't get a wedding invitation should you send a gift?

I don't think you should if you weren't invited to the wedding. In polite society, gifts are NOT to be expected. If you want to send a gift it is up to you whether you get an invitation or not.

What is the proper equitte for inviting people who are not going to be going to a wedding?

* Whether some guests are going to a wedding or not it is etiquette to send them a wedding invitation as some people are sentimental and will keep the invitation.

Is it proper to send wedding invitations for a third wedding using email?

No, it is not proper etiquette to send weddinginvitations by email if it is a large wedding. If you are having a small wedding and it's casual then you could send a card invitation by email.

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