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Sounds like you might have to replace the gasket in the roof of the car. You might want to try sitting in the car while someone soaks the top with a hose to see if you can find where it's leaking from.

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A loud tapping noise with the engine on a 95 Honda Passport any suggest?

check valve train it can be loose or tooo tight

What would cause a 1999 Honda Passport to make a squealing noise?

If that's the extent of the complaint, check the serpentine belt and tensioner.

What causes a clunking noise in the rear tires of a Honda Passport when turning?


Can a water pump make a knocking noise on a 1998 Honda Passport?

If the noise is coming from where the water pump is, it is a good chance the it is actually the timing belt tensioner. These things are notorious for making awful noises when they are beginning to go out and will get worse and worse. The same engines are in an Isuzu Rodeo with the exact same problem.

Honda Civic has noise coming from right front wheel If you shake the steering wheel the noise stops and starts back?

Could be a bad CV joint or something to that nature.depends on what kind of noise it is

What do the noises coming from Honda CRV 1999 cruise control indicate?

You will have to be more specific about the noise you are referring to, and/or where it is coming from. The cruise control itself is an all-electronic unit, it has no moving parts is not capable of making noise.

What is the grinding noise coming from the rear of your Honda Pilot?

If it happens right when you are stopping or coming to a slow stop, it is probably your discs cutting into your rear rotors. You need to get them replaced ASAP.

What causes extremely high pitched noise on '99 Honda Passport when idling or light acceleration?

My son's 1997 Passport has the same problem. A friend told him this is usually caused by the air condition compressor belt. If it is one of the other belts causing the noise you should be able to search for help on how to adjust those.

2000 Honda accord when you went to start it this morning it makes a clicking noise coming from the hood the lights flicker and eventually come on but the car dont start and that clicking noise is the?

stater or silanoid

What causes the clanking or pinging noise when stopping or going and turning in a 2003 Honda CRV?

Questioner gives no indication where the noise is coming from, but it COULD be an indication of a failing CV (constant velocity) joint.

Your 98 Honda Passport won't start it just makes a clicking noise and won't turn over what could it be?

dead battery or bad starter or bad starter silanoid

1990 Honda CRX when Iam coming to a stop or starting to slow down I hear a cliking noise coming from the front brakes the pads are fearly new?

check it my be the CV axles

You hit a curb in your 1991 Honda Civic and now there is a loud squeeking noise coming from the front end What could you have damaged to cause this noise?

it could be anything from a bearing to the splash shield on the brake rotors.

How do prevent Honda 2004 engine noise?

It depends on what is making the noise.

What could be the cause of a grinding noise coming from your rear wheels on a 1993 Honda civic?

Worn brake drum pads and possibly your wheel bearing.

What makes noise in Honda CR-V 1997?

My 1997 Honda CRV is making a rattling noise when driving in rough roads

Is the movie joyful noise coming out on DVD soon?

Joyful Noise is coming out on DVD in June 2012

What causes a loud roaring noise in the rear end that starts once you begin to drive then it slowly goes down as you begin to stop on a 1996 Honda Passport LX?

Probably low gear oil.

What causes a constant ticking noise on a 1995 Honda Passport when it's running?

Could be lots of things, one that isn't thougt of is a fuel injector sticking. Can of injector cleaner can't hurt anything.

What could the noise be coming from my corsa?

Describe the noise and the general area it is coming from and I would glad to answer the best way I can.

Why is there a rear humming noise coming from your 1999 Honda Prelude Why does the noise get worse when you accelerate?

The rear hubs more than likely need grease. If this isn't the case then the axles may need greased or check the tires for broken belts.

How do you fix noise in front on Honda odyssey 1999?

You will have to determine the source of the noise before you can fix it.

How do you fix rattling noise from rear trunk on 05 infiniti g35?

A screw may be missing in the sunroof. This will cause a rattle when you hit bumps in the road that sounds as though it's coming from the trunk. You can check this by opening the sunroof and having someone hold on to it while you drive. If the sound stops, then that is your problem. To fix it, drop the headliner and put in a new screw.

Your 1998 Honda Accord is making a steady ticking noise that sounds like the clicking of a computer mouse and coming from near steering wheel Noise slows down to normal turn signal sound when signal o?

cv joint problem.

Why do I hear a low humming noise from my 2005 Honda Accord after I had the air filter replaced The mechanic says that it is a small electric motor Honda's have that is part of the engine help?

The low humming on a 2005 Honda Accord could be one of several things. The most common source of a humming noise is a wheel bearing which may be coming loose. If the noise get louder over time the wheel bearings should be checked.

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