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  • You simply stop eating & buying!
  • Cut down and have something like hot cocoa once in a while.
  • Don't have it in the house in the morning.
  • Replace the old behaviour with another behaviour ... in this case another (better) food.
  • Why stop? Just get your chocolate in a nutritious form - rich chocolaty Ovaltine, SlimFast shakes, Yoplait Chocolate Raspberry Yogurt, etc.
  • If it is a problem - go see a hypnotherapist and remove your unwanted habit. Look up National Guild of Hypnotists on the web to find a certified and capable hypnotherapist. It will cost you around 100 - 200 USD.
  • As a chocoholic, I find it extremely difficult. With 30 pages worth of food Allergies, I try to "pretend" I am allergic to chocolate. It doesn't always work, but you can surely give it a shot.
  • Put down the chocolate! Throw it out. Ask yourself what it is going to do for you. It may taste good and feel good to treat yourself, but there is guilt or regret afterwards. Find something you like to do, non-food related and do that so you have no time to eat the chocolate.
  • Many people find that after 3-4 days on a low carbohydrate eating plan they lose the cravings for chocolate, sugar and bakery products. It is a paradox, but it is actually easier to do without them entirely than to eat just a little bit.
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Q: How can you stop eating chocolate in the morning?
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Why do you get anoying and sore symptoms when you eat chocolate?

sounds to me like you are allergic to chocolate. stop eating chocolate

Can you stop chocolate addiction?

Maybe, it depends if your a chocolate lover because if you are, yes you can by stop eating chocolate and drink water all day. I'm not sure, you can find your own cure.

How much chocolate does it take to kill a mouse?

The LD50 of chocolate for mice has not yet been determined. It is unlikely that a mouse will kill itself by eating chocolate, as they know when to stop.

How do you stop eating chocolate?

I don't know!!!!!! I've tried everything, there is no cure for chocolitislol :P

How do you stop liking chocolate?

Just don't think about chocolate if you do you'll want more. If you start to think about chocolate just think about something else. Try eating fruit.

Should you feed your dog first thing in the morning?

yes or it will stop eating for a period of time

How many pounds of chocolate are eaten in one day?

Chocolate is eaten worldwide, and it is almost impossible to tell how much is eaten every day. So, unfortunately, i cannot give you a strait answer. The amount of chocolate YOU eat everyday increases by stress. Studies have shown that when you are stressed and eat chocolate, it gives you a soothing, calm feeling. That is also why it is addictive. After eating chocolate you feel happy. So you wan't more. It is very hard to stop eating chocolate, once you have been addicted. When you stop eating chocolate, it leaves you sad again. So you decide just a little won't hurt. That's why it's so hard to stop.

Can people b allergic to eating chocolate?

You can't be alergic to eating chocolate, but you can be alergic to chocolate itself.

Why is chocolate so awesome?

Because it has sugar in it what normally makes children hipper and get addicted then they cant stop eating it

Does eating chocolate increases weight?

well chocolate increases your weight because chocolate has calories and when you are eating the chocolate the calories of the chocolate go in your body.TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR

When did people realize that chocolate could affect them?

People finally realized that chocolate affected them by when they would eat the sweet tasty treat the would become a chocoholic and be addicted to chocolate and wouldnt stop eating it.

What would be the independent variable in the experiment eating chocolate causes zits?

Eating Chocolate.

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