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""I bought a truck in my name,""Then its YOUR truck, so go get it.

I wouldn't want anyone driving MY truck in MY name. I am LIABLE for anything that happens.

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โˆ™ 2017-10-10 17:33:35
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Q: How can you take back a truck you bought in your name for someone else if he has not made a payment?
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If you are going to let your truck go back because you can't afford it anymore and you bought another truck with cheaper payment before everything went south was this a smart choice?

Smart is relative...LOL That choice did keep you from walking. It would be a wise choice to SELL the truck instead of letting it go back. You might have to borrow 1-5K to complete the payoff, but, you wouldn't have a repo on your CR, and the bank hounding you for payment of the balance due. Think about it...

When can the bank repo your truck?

When you've missed a payment or two or three - they can usually do it legally after one missed payment, but they don't want your silly truck, they want their money. So they hire a repo man to get the truck back and sell it at auction as fast as possible to get SOME cash back...

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If you bought a motorcyle with a down payment can it be returned within 48 hours?

On any contract purchase, you have 3 days to back out and get your money back.

When you are passing a large truck you need to make sure you can see a lot of payment in front of the truck before you pull back in front of it?

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Can get money back from making payment on a car for someone incarcerated?

Highly doubtful

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It is perfectly legal for someone to ride in the back of a truck provided they are sitting on appropriate seating and wearing a seatbelt. If there are no seatbelts, then riding in the back is prohibited.

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If you bought a used vehicle today but you didn't drive off can you get your down payment back and forfeit the contract?

In most cases yes

If someone fell into the back of a garbage truck would you help them out or press the button?

Depends on who it is, I suppose.

What is reparations?

Payment for war damages or damages caused by imprisonment.To pay someone back for a wrongdoing.To make amends.

If you are trying to sell a car and someone gives you a down payment then backs out are you obligated to give the down payment back?

I wouldn't think that you would be but I don't know what the law is. Do you have anything in writing?

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The engine is located in the back of the truck.

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How do you teach a dog to ride in the back of a truck?

You throw it in the back of a truck and tie it to something

Riding in back of truck legal in Illinois?

No. Riding in the back of a truck is NOT legal in Illinois.

What is the back of a truck called?

That would be the bed of the truck

Can someone reposes a vehicle if you have stuff inside?

Yes, they can. Also when they repose it they do not have to give you those items back until they receive there payment.

Can a Georgia landlord put someone with a 30 lease out for non payment and because they need property back to move into?

Yes, sure!

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California repo laws?

my work truck was repo and i retrived my truck back but my belonging are missing how can i get them back

You bought a car in your name for someone else to drive What are your rights as far as getting it back?

In this case the title of the vehicle should be in your name.

What if you have agreed to pay 900 deferred down payment and you can not make payments so they repo car do you get your 1100 you already paid back California?

btw the dealer never got deal bought by a lender because down payment was not paid is partial deposit refundable?

Riding in the back of a pickup truck in Arkansas?

It is not legal to ride in the back of a pickup truck in Arkansas and you can be fined for doing so. There are still some states where you can ride in the back of a truck but Arkansas isn't one of them.

Is riding in the back of a pickup truck in Arkansas illegal?

Yes, riding in the back of a pickup truck for recreation is illegal in the state of Arkansas. Only workers can ride in the back of a truck if it is for things such as road work.