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Call local pet shops and see if they have a hamster of the same breed that has recently given birth. Rub the baby in same of the bedding from the new mothers sawdust so it smells the same as one of her own pups. If she is fooled into thinking it is one of her own she will care for it. But, this is risky. There is a slight chance she will not accept them and kill it instead.

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Do you separate babies hamsters and mother hamsters from other hamsters?

it is a very good idea t because the babes are much smaller than the other hamster if u don't separate them from other hamsters its a good chance they might eat them. but u don't have to separate them from the mother cuz they need her to be taken care of. but if a baby hamster died after it was born the mother might eat it.

How i can take care of the baby hamster without mother?

You can't.Call a vet or a hamsterbreeder.Baaby hamsters need warmth,breast milk,and other things that you can't provide.Fostering,when you give the pups to a mother whos babies just died is good idea that hobbiests often use.

What happens when you touch a hamsters nest with babie's?

Sometimes the mother will leave the babies to died , or the mother is not bothered

What do you do with baby hamsters if the mother ate some already?

You take care of the other babies by putting them in separate cages. DON'T TOUCH THE BABIES UNTIL THEY HAVE HAIR. The mother probably ate some of the babies because: 1. She felt threatened. 2. She might have needed more protein. Other reasons the mother may eat the babies is if the litter is too large for the mother to care for all the young or if the babies have already died on their own. Are you sure the mother actually killed them?

What happened to Mother Theresa's mother and sister?

Mother Teresa's sister would take care of her mother then her mother died and after the death of her mother, Mother Teresa's sister had died!

What food do you feed your baby hamsters after there mother died?

I would start with a small bowl if milk, or put it in a water container that attaches to the cage. Or, get very small pellets of food and put it in milk.

If the mom hamster died how long should the baby hamsters be kept together?

About 6 weeks.

Who takes care of baby endangered animals when their mother can't?

I would think that if the mother lived within a pack or group of the same species at the time of death, another mother from the pack or group would take care of the baby until the baby grew up or the baby would end up having to leave the pack and wander until it eventually died of starvation or if the mother lived alone, the baby would die of starvation. If it were lucky enough it would be found by a human but that would be highly unlikely unless that human was monitoring the family.

Who took care of michelangelo when his mother died?

his dad

Why did the mother think that her baby was a mathematical genius when their parrot died?

Because the baby said polygon.

Why did Katniss care for prim by herself after their father died?

Katniss took care of Prim because their mother was too depressed to care care of her.

Who cares for the baby giraffe?

I would hope that its parents would take care of it with the rest of the herd but if it was in a zoo and the mother died giving birth I think 1 of the zookeepers would do it

How many litters is it safe for a dwarf hamster to have?

It doesn't matter how many she has, their needs to be a big cage and if they get along then it should be fine. If the hamsters start hurting each other or get inbred separate them immediately. Dwarf hamsters are the most social. My baby hamsters just grew hair today. The dad died (my cat killed him) and its usually best that when the mother gives birth the father is separated, sometimes right after the mother gives birth she gets pregnant again! Good luck and be careful with breeding hamsters. Its not all fun and games.

How do you nurse baby hamster when mother hamster has died?

This is what you do. There are two things you can do. One is put some milk into a medicene dropper and put it in their mouths. Or buy another girl hamster(same kind) and take some bedding out of the new mom hamster and rub the baby hamsters in it. Put on of the baby hamsters that was rubbed in the new mom's bedding and put it with the new mom. If the mom doesn't eat it do the same things with rest. Hope this helps!

Would it be all right to but the male baby hamsters with their father?

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no way!!!!! syrian hamsters must definatly live ALONE. if they are put together they will definatly fight and could kill each other. if the mother has died or is ill, or has rejected them, then depending on how old the babies are, you may be able to hand rear them. seek vet advice for this.

How does the story of king Solomon show why he is a wise man?

he is a wise man because he talks about killing the baby and the real mother would rather have her baby somewhere else even if its not with her than to have her dead but since the other mother accidentally killed her baby she decided that since her baby was already dead it didn't matter if this one died too... so he used his common sense to realize that the one wanting the baby dead was not the real mother because she didn't care wether or not the baby was dead or alive

When hamsters die what should you do?

Try to find out why they died... bury them. My friends went on vacation a few weeks ago so they asked me to take care of their hamster. I have 2 other hamsters, so i took good care of it. But sadly, a few weeks later, it died of wet tail. Me and my mom buried it. R.I.P Chrissie!!

How do you keep baby moles alive if the mother has died?

Take care of them every day, and do not forget about them. Feed them, bathe them (OPTIONAL), and let them roam around a small area for play time!

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Macduff is the bloody baby because he was not born from a woman. His mother died before she could have him naturally so they had a C-section/killed the mother.

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Yes she died as a baby when her mother dropped her on the head.

What do baby possums eat when mother has died?

They learn to fend for themselves or die.

Is it ok to let baby hamsters drink cow's milk if mother hamster has died?

I do not know, so i may not be right but you can double check on Google or ask or bing or some search engine, But just give them water. from Kennedy age 11

How do I care for a new born guinea pig whos mother has died?

Well you could ask a pet store how to care for them.

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Show White was a baby when her mother died. Her exact age is unknown.

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