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Number one he may be just plain nervous. Talk to him and see if he opens up to you as he does with others. If not, he may sense you are into him and he doesn't want you to get the wrong idea. Just try to be his friend....let it be natural don't try to see if he likes you or not...just let it be.

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How do you know a talkative guy likes you?

If he's talkative and often talks to you there is a very good chance that he likes you. Another sign that he likes you is if he makes eye contact with you when he is talking, and if he gives you time to talk too.

How do you tell if a talkative girl likes you?

You could tell that a talkative girl likes you by seeing in her eyes or see is she's blushing or anything. Trust me, I'm a girl, and you could tell by seeing it in her face.

Why does a talkative and outgoing girl act nervous and shy around me?

she likes yous

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What are some signs that your crush would give if he liked you back?

If someone likes you too, they'll do things they normally wouldn't do with other people. So, if a boy is normally outgoing and talkative with everyone in the class and then shy and clumsy with you, he might be nervous around you because he likes you. If a boy is typically shy and ignores everyone, but you notice him trying to spend more time with you or laughing at all your jokes and hanging on every word you say, he probably likes you.

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