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How can you tell if a fuse is blown or the bulbs are blown for daytime running lamps on a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue?



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It is somewhere between extremely unlikely and impossible for all the running lamps in a 2001 Olds Intrigue (or any other vehicle) to fail at one time. It all the lamps are out, find the correct fuse in that circuit and just replace it. If you have one lamp out, but the others light up, it can't be the fuse, can it? No, it cannot. If you have one of those "test lights" with an alligator clip on the end of a wire and an "ice pick looking thing" on the other end of that wire, clamp the 'gator clip on a good ground, start the vehicle, and turn on the lights. Go to the fuse (which you've already identified) and put the "ice pick" on the "hot" end. The lamp should light up. Put it on the other end and see if it lights up. If not, the fuse is bad. If the light won't light up on either end, you have not grounded the test rig properly, or the lights are not on. One end of the fuse should always be "hot" when the lights are turned on, regardless of whether or not the fuse is blown. The other end may or may not light up, depending on whether the fuse has failed or not. Good luck with your troubleshooting.