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It is somewhere between extremely unlikely and impossible for all the running lamps in a 2001 Olds Intrigue (or any other vehicle) to fail at one time. It all the lamps are out, find the correct fuse in that circuit and just replace it. If you have one lamp out, but the others light up, it can't be the fuse, can it? No, it cannot. If you have one of those "test lights" with an alligator clip on the end of a wire and an "ice pick looking thing" on the other end of that wire, clamp the 'gator clip on a good ground, start the vehicle, and turn on the lights. Go to the fuse (which you've already identified) and put the "ice pick" on the "hot" end. The lamp should light up. Put it on the other end and see if it lights up. If not, the fuse is bad. If the light won't light up on either end, you have not grounded the test rig properly, or the lights are not on. One end of the fuse should always be "hot" when the lights are turned on, regardless of whether or not the fuse is blown. The other end may or may not light up, depending on whether the fuse has failed or not. Good luck with your troubleshooting.

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How do you fix the odometer and radio lights in a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Sounds like a blown fuse?

Fix faulty daytime running lights 1996 chev suburban?

To fix faulty daytime running lights on a 1996 Chev Suburban, check if the bulbs are blown. If so, replace it. If the new bulbs are blown immediately upon replacement, check the wiring running to the headlights.

Tail lights and daytime running lights won't work on 1990 integra?

Taillights and daytime running lights not working may be caused by a blown fuse. The fuse can be found in the fuse box in the engine compartment.

Why would the daytime running lights and highbeams not work?

faulty drl module Check the fuse.The fuse may be blown

Daytime running lights flash when putting car into gear on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?

u have a blown headlight. change both bulobs and it will stop.

Can you turn off the daylights on a 1999 Pontiac sunfire without taking the fuse out?

from what I've found the only way to shut off your daytime running lights is to put on the e-brake, or take out the fuse, which isn't the best idea. the daytime running lights will also usually not work if there is a blown hi-beam light

How do you fix an Olds intrigue running hot?

Seriously, you will need to provide more information. Could be low coolant, blown head gasket, blown fuse or other electrical problem with cooling fans, bad thermostat, air in cooling system, bad water pump.

Could a blown bulb or fuse be the reason the daytime running lights will not work on a 2000 Pontiac Gran Prix GT?

It could be a number of things. First check all of the fuses. It could be the module which controls the lights but it needs to be checked out. There is also a relay for the daytime running lights on your car i would check into that if all fuses are good.

How much to repair a blown head gasket in a Oldsmobile intrigue?

I just paid 1688.95 to have my 1998 intrigues head gasket repaired. According to the shop it normally cost between 1500.00 and 1900.00 depending on the severity of the damaged when they take it apart and take a look.

What would make a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero keep running hot?

Happened to me. Termostat stuck closed. Changed thermostat. Test for possible blown head gasket. Happened to me. Termostat stuck closed. Changed thermostat. Test for possible blown head gasket.

Why does the left blinker turn on but not blink on your 1997 Oldsmobile?

This could mean that one of your bulbs is blown on that side. Check and replace the blown bulb.

Why Not getting fire to1966 Oldsmobile fuse box?

A blown fuseable link could do that.

My daytime running lights don't work on 96 Chevy Tahoe the bulbs are good and no fuses are blown Any ideas?

There is a relay in the emergency brake which turns them off. Sometimes it can be sticky. pull up on emerg pedal.

1998 Oldsmobile intrigue automatic will not shift from park even with my foot deeply on the brake?

If you are parked on a steep hill or the front wheels are parked hard up against a curb it may cause that to happen. It may take some force to get it out of park. If that fails to work, check for a blown fuse.

What is the cause of 1999 suburban daytime run lights not working?

Mostly likely: blown fuse or bad bulb

What would be the problem on a 1996 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme that all the power windows are not working?

Blown fuse?

Why is there antifreeze in one of the cylinders of your 1960 Oldsmobile?

Blown head gasket, cracked head, or cracked block.

What are the causes of brake light not working on a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero?

you either have a blown bulb or you have a broken wire

Why does the automatic locks on my 1993 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme don't work?

More likely than not a blown fuse.

What would cause the blinkers to fail on a 1994 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera?

cracked or broken wiring, blown fuse

Why does your 1969 Oldsmobile 98 smoke excessively?

Burning oil? (Worn Rings, Valves) Blown Head gasket?

Why do your daytime running lights work but your headlights do not on a 1999 Ford Taurus?

The DRL on most cars are actually the high beams on lower power or rapidly and undetectably pulsing on/off so you are not blinding people driving towards you. Could it be that both your low beam filiaments are blown?

My brake lights are not working on my 1996 Oldsmobile cutless supreme What should I look for to find out what's wrong with them?

Look for a blown fuse.

Why does your 1987 Oldsmobile cutlass keep overheating?

Possibilities are low coolant, defective radiator, leaky hoses, blown head gasket...

What would cause antifreeze to disappear in an Oldsmobile 1989 cutlass calias quad 4?

If there are no visible leaks....a blown head gasket.