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you should ask her ,does she like you more than a friend,that part can be tough but its better to know than to be unsure,and how u purse a relationship is by not flirting too much back with her,try to get to know another side of her,like less flirt and more communication,so you will know where her head is at and say it in a nice shy voice . get to know her . make time for her.

You flirt back and see what happens. It's amazing how well it works.


If she flirts all the time, probably best to stay away from her unless you want a broken heart.



her being naturally flirty does not necessarily mean she'll break your heart. there's nothing wrong with a little flirting when you're single. Observe how far her flirting goes with other guys and how it goes with you. For ex. if she just exchanges a few little flirtatious comments to others, but puts her hand on your shoulder when talking to you, then maybe she likes you. Judging her body language and taking her moral character into consideration will help. If she's just flirtatious, not promiscuous then she might not break your heart.

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Q: How can you tell if a naturally flirty girl actually likes you more than just a friend and how should you go about pursuing a relationship?
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Is flirty a bad personality trait?

Flirty Can Be A Good Personality Trait & A Bad. Having A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend And Being Flirty Can Cause a Breakup And Being Single And Wanting A Boyfriend Or a Girlfriend is When Being Flirty Is Good You Can Also Be A Secret Flirt And Flirt With Lots Of People You are Interested In But Never Actually Go Into a Real Relationship.

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How can you tell if a naturally flirty boy actually likes you more than just a friend and how should you go about pursuing a relationship?

theres this boy at my school who used to flirt wi theveryone and he was "married" to like 12 girls (including me and my cousin both) but whe nhe liked this girl who is one of my friends he stopped flirting with everyone and txted me and told me he "divorced" me so that was how she knew but it may not be that easy for you. for keeping the relationship idk, they borke up becuz of him flirting with other girls like 2 days later but i would say just to trust him, he flirts with everyone so it doesnt mean anything if they arent his real gf like u r

If a coworker knows that you have a daughter and is aware of your relationship with someone but they show signs that they like you like random flirting and says sweet things is she interested in you?

She could be interested, Or she could just be naturally flirty. See how she interacts with other male co-workers and if she treats them all the same, she's most likely just a flirty personality. If she flirts with you more than the others, then she may have the hots for you! Watch out! :P

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A girl you like is being both flirty and distant What does that mean?

it means she likes you but dosent want a relationship just yet.

How do you get a guy to know you like him without you having to actually say it?

be flirty but not like slutty that's how i can tell a girls into me

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What if a girl says she doesn't like flirty boys?

If you like her dont be flirty.

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