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early in pregnancy at first the baby's movement will feel more like fluttering of butterflies in the bottom of you stomach which will then change to more harsher thumps and as you sit you will see your bumps moving. and sometimes you can make out if it is a hand or a foot.

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Q: How can you tell if the baby kicks?
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Why is it that when the baby kicks it feels like an electrical shock?

The baby is probably pressing up against some nerves when it kicks.

Are you supposed to feel the baby move in your private area when it kicks or moves?

Depending on how the baby is positioned. If your baby is in the breach postion. When the baby kicks you will most likely feel it in your privates.

How can you know when the baby kicks?

If you are the mother you will feel it for sure. Other people can feel it too thru your stomach as the kicks get stronger as the baby grows.

When baby stop kicks?

Call doctor.

Cramps and feels like kicks what is it?

a baby

What is a good simile for 'Kicks like a'?

A couple similes would be:kicks like a mulekicks like a horsekicks like a baby sitting in a bouncy seat

Is it normal for a baby to be kicking all the time?

It's a good thing that your baby kicks, it will always tell you that he or she's doing fine! It might be painful and uncomfortable but the baby is fine, he/she is just active, so be prepared for when he/she turns 2!

When should you feel baby kick?

At 5 months you can feel your baby moves or kicks.

What happens to mothers stomachs when the baby kicks?

Nothing happens to the mothers stomach, when the baby kicks. It is one of the best feeling the mother enjoys. Fathers do not have privilege to enjoy this feeling.

Does it hurt when a baby kicks?

First kicks can be as light as a butterfly's flutter, but towards the end of the pregnancy baby is tucked in very tightly. When he/or she kicks or stretch's; a foot, knee, elbow or fist may hit a tender spot or catch mom under her ribs - it doesn't feel good when this occurs but it doesn't cause mom any damage. Those strong jabs tell you your baby is healthy, growing bigger and stronger everyday and you will be meeting each other very soon.

Do you get any pains when your pregnant?

Yes because the baby kicks you when it moves.

How does it feel when a baby kicks?

It has been described as a grasshopper on your stomach, or butterflies.

What does it mean when baby kicks a lot in third trimester?

He must be strangulated and asphyxiated.

What does it mean when your baby in your stomach kicks?

umm.. it means its alive and healthy. lol

Can a 7th month completed baby kick as low and in the anal.if you feel kicks on both sides of tummy then what is your baby position?

Your baby is in footling breech position.

What is a baby vampire bat?

Well, I can tell you that a baby bat is referred to as a bitten.Well, I can tell you that a baby bat is referred to as a bitten.Well, I can tell you that a baby bat is referred to as a bitten.Well, I can tell you that a baby bat is referred to as a bitten.Well, I can tell you that a baby bat is referred to as a bitten.Well, I can tell you that a baby bat is referred to as a bitten.

How can you tell the sex of the baby?

You can tell the sex of a baby by its DNA.

How many times should you have to tell a woman what to do?

The real question is how many times will you get to tell a woman what to do before she kicks you to the curb.

What does it feel like when the baby kicks?

When you go on a roller coaster and you get the butter fly's. That is what it feels like.

Does it hurt for the mom when a baby kicks inside of its mom?

Yes sometimes the babies kick's can hurt

How can a baby tell that a woman is pregnant?

A baby can not tell a woman is pregnant.

How does the mother bald eagle teach the baby bald eagle to fly?

She kicks it out of the nest, forceing the the baby to do somthing and fly!! Just kidding? XP

How can you tell your boyfriend that you want a baby?

just tell them right out....I want a baby with you

How does it feel when the baby kicks at sixteen weeks?

Feels pretty much like a pop. Sometimes you can actually see your stomach popping up and down depending on how often the fetus kicks or move.

How can a woman detect that her babay is normal in her stomuch?

If the baby moves and kicks at least 10 times a day.