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Q: How can you tell if the hamster dwarf is crying or sneezing?
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How do you tell the sex of a dwarf hamster?

how do u tell the gender of a dwarf hamster?

How to tell if robo dwarf hamster is sick?

How to tell if robo hamster is sick

How can you tell if your dwarf hamster is going to have babies?

When they are in the cage!!@!

How do you tell how old is your dwarf hamster?

Ask a vet

How can you tell you have a dwart hamster?

It's very simple to tell if you have a dwarf hamster, because they are much smaller and more active.

How do you tell a dwarf hamster apart?

unlike the syrain hamster the dwarf hamster is very small, when the syrian hamster i larger and thicker and also with a lighter coulour. twsiter1998 gobstoper88

How do you tell if a dwarf hamster is a boy or girl by colour?

Color doesn't have anything to do with a hamster's sex. You can tell if it's a boy if it has testicles.

How do you tell when a Chinese dwarf hamster is sleeping?

there not moving but their brething

How can you tell if your dwarf hamster is nervous when you hold it?

It may pee or poop in your hands and that is okay. You should keep trying to get your dwarf hamster comfortable though. Also, don't have too many people seeing him/her it could also be the problem with your dwarf hamster.

How do you tell the difference between boy and girl dwarf hamsters?

All hamster, not just dwarf, males, have pronounced genitalia under their tails. After the hamster reaches six months old or so, you'll be able to tell.

How can you tell what gender your robo dwarf hamster is?

a robo hamster has a stomach that is all white but the male has a spot of gold

Tell you about albino Russian dwarf hamster kinds of foods?

This animal will eat any store bought hamster food.

How do you tell if my hamster is a dwarf or not?

I suggest you go to your local pet shop they'll probably be able to tell.

How can you tell the difference between a winter white and a Russian Campbell dwarf hamster?

The winter dwarf hamster and the Russian dwarf have a slight of a different color, and in the winter the winter white dwarf turns white. The winter white has a brownish color to it, but a Russian dwarf is a grayish white color.

How could you tell if your hamster is a Syrian hamster or a dwarf hamster?

there is a big difference between them as syrian hamsters are bigger than dwarf hamsters. There is quite a lot of different types of dwarf hamsters such as, Russian winter whites, Chinese, campbells, rovoroski and maybe more. But most dwarf hamsters can live with 1 or more of the same sex and syrians have to live alone - so if your hamster lives alone then its probably a syrian. aslo syrians are about half the size of a guineapig and dwarf hamsters are about half the size of a syrian hamster.

Dwarf hamster boy or girl?

You can easily tell the gender of a hamster. Look at its belly behind the hind legs. If it is a male, it will have noticeable testicles. If it does not, it is a female.

How do you tell the sex of a male dwarf hamster?

You just said in your question its male so wouldn't that be the answer? ;)

How can you tell the difference between a teddy bear hamstersyrian hamsterand Russian dwarf hamsters?

A teddy bear hamster is a type of syrian hamster and can be identified usually by their golden fur. Russian dwarf hamsters are much smaller than syrian hamsters so it is easy to tell them apart

How can you tell if your hamster is going to bite you cause sometimes my hamster nibbles on me but I'm not sure if it's going to bite should I pull out my hand I have a robo dwarf hamster?

You can tell if its slepping right well if its slepping itll bite you bother it in its sleep

How can you tell if your Dwarf Hamster is a Roborovski or Russian?

Russian Dwarf hamsters have a very distinctive dark stripe on their backs, running down their spines. Roborovski hamsters do not have this.

Does a dwarf hamster knows it owner?

Yes, any hampster can tell who their owner by the tone of your voice and smell.

What information can you tell me about a Albino dwarf Russian Hamster PLEASE?

they like 2 bite♥♥♥

How do you tell if a dwarf hamster has got special needs?

You should take him to a vet or do lots of research in books and online

How do you tell if a Chinese dwarf hamster is sick?

It's hard to see if your hamster is sick because they are prey animals and they hide their symptoms when they can, so if you are concerned please take them to a vet.

When can you hold the mom of baby dwarf hamsters?

You can hold any male/female hamster when it's three to five weeks old basicly when you can tell its a male?female hamster