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The easiest way to see if a head gasket is blown is to check the oil, if it is light brown and milky looking then the head gasket is blown.

My 1998 Saturn would always overheat. I had replaced the radiator twice and all of the hoses but it continued to happen. The people at Saturn did not know the problem. I brought it to a raditor place and the replaced the gauge that reads the temperature and fixed the problem. The gauge was reading at a much lower temperature than the car really was so the fan would not turn on to cool down the car causing it to overheat. This might be your problem.

There is a chemical that can be added to the coolant that will expose exhaust fumes. The head gasket may be fine, but overheating will endanger it.

overheating could also be caused by a bad engine coolant temperature sensor, or a bad thermostat, possibly even a bad PCM.

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Q: How can you tell if the head gasket is blown on a 1998 Saturn and is there a chance the head gasket is blown if it keeps overheating but otherwise runs perfectly?
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