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How can you tell if the headgasket in a 91 Honda CRX is bad?

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I believe if you see white smoke when you start your car or if there is a lot of white smoke coming from the exhaust, this means you have water in the oil. Check the oil and if it appears watery then you have a blown head gasket.


  • jwko - steam from the tailpipe means that engine coolant is being burnt off in the cylinder with the air/fuel mixture! Use a compression tester to test each cylinder, if you find two cylinders with low, even pressure that are side by side then you know. Also could be a crack between cylinders. Keep in mind not to allow the engine to start while using a compression tester...remove all the plugs! The bottom line is, if you see steam from the tailpipe on a warm day you have a bad head gasket. if you see a milky like substance in the crankcase ( on dipstick or under oil cap) you could either have a bad PCV valve or a leak internaly.
2015-07-15 21:26:01
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What are some bad thing about a 1990 Honda Civic CRX Si Hatchback 2D?

Everything! Its a honda, Get a ford!

How expensive is it to install air conditioner in 1988 Honda CRX?

A complete air conditioning system install on a 1988 Honda CRX has the potential to costs thousands. Everything would have to be safely installed and checked to make sure it is street legal. A bad install can lead to poisoning the community.

Why does your Chevy pickup over heat?

Low coolant, bad thermostat, clogged radiator, bad waterpump, bad headgasket, etc

What would cause a 91 Honda CRX HF to rev up and down?

air leak in the throttle or intake manifold gaskets or bad TPS sensor, disconnect TPS as a temporary fix

Why does your 1992 Honda Civic have white smoke and fluid coming out of the muffler?

Your headgasket is bad, coolant is getting into the combustion chamber, hence the thick white smoke and fluid. had that happen to my dads thunderbird a few years ago

My 91 Honda CRX doesn't want to stay started?

Chances are your main relay switch is bad. It is located on the driver side kick panel. I had same problem and changed mine and have not had the problem since.

1991 crx fuel pump is bad?

pull the gas tank

1989 Honda CRX sometimes it wont start but if you keep cranking it starts and runs fine?

the reason it may happen its because either one your fuel pump is going bad cuz my crx was doing the samething so i took out the fuel pump and tested it and it was showing that it was going bad so i replaced it and now it turns on right away no problem also change the filter why you at

Is it bad for a 89 crx to have 160k miles on the engine?

No way! Honda engines can last up to 300,000 miles - engine and transmission. Unless the engine check light is on or if it's running badly, there's no problem.

Your jeep overheated really bad Sometimes the engine shakes real bad when started hot What is wrong?

Possible head/headgasket failure.

How do you fix water in the oil pan on a 02 Chevy Malibu?

if water is in oil,could be a bad headgasket!have it checked out!or a bad intake gasket.

What does it mean if you see antifreeze on your oil dip stick?

it would me you have a bad headgasket. a cracked head, or a bad intake gasket. have a good day!!

How can you tell if the transmission control unit is bad on a 92 Honda Accord?

The car doesn't want to shift properly.

What caused the number 2 spark plug to foul out with coolant on 98 GMC 5.7 truck?

bad headgasket

How do you tell when a water pump is bad on a 1991 Honda accord?

It makes alot of noise and overheats, leaks out of bottom of pump

Why does my 2000 ford focus has antifreeze in spark plug wells?

two things you cracked head or headgasket went bad

What would cause a Vauxhall Frontera to over heat?

Overeheating is usually caused by a bad thermostat, blocked radiator or leaking headgasket.

Why does your 2002 impala hesitates in overdrive?

maybr the headgasket goes bad or slow. it will also cause the car to overheat all the time.

How will you know if the regulator-rectifier in your 87 honda magna needs to be replaced?

Following the simple checks in the service manual will tell you if it is bad or not.

Will a bad catalytic converter cause water to run out of the tailpipe?

No. Water is a normal byproduct of the combustion process. It can also be an indication of an internal engine issue such as a failed headgasket.No. Water is a normal byproduct of the combustion process. It can also be an indication of an internal engine issue such as a failed headgasket.

91 lebaron overheated cracked radiator now hard to crank?

Headgasket or head may have gone bad and hydrolically locked the motor.

What is the gap setting for a Honda?


91 Honda CRX will not shift into first gear I believe that the synchronizer is bad.?

Check the hydraulic fluid level for the clutch master cylinder, it may be empty. If it is empty you can fill it with DOT 3 brake fluid. This may temporarily fix the problem but you still have a leak in the system.

2005 Honda Civic temperature gage runs on cold is this bad sign?

Honda civic runs on cold bad sign?

What can cause the engine oil to overflow onto the spark plugs of a car engine?

possible bad valve guides or blown head gasket possible bad valve guides or blown headgasket