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If by 'speaker in the back' you mean the subwoofer then it is easy to tell if you need to replace it. First, remove the subwoofer panel, be carefull at it since it is very tight. Next, inspect the cone where it meets the outer structure. The original cone is paper so humidity and time along with use sometimes separates it and this will cause a 'blurred' sound instead of a well defined bass sound. I personally inspected the subwoofer inner stuff and it has some cotton-like vibration-absorbent material.This is a very efficient design. Check your cone integrity and replace as needed. A lot of people just upgrade their trucks with aftermarket subs. This also aplies to rear door speakers since they're usually larger than front door speakers.Good luck!

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What are the speaker sizes in my 91 explorer Eddie Bauer edition?


What is an Eddie Bauer Explorer?

The Eddie Bauer is one trim level above the XLT Explorer

Anyone recommend a factory speaker and sub upgrade for 05 ford explorer Eddie Bauer?

JL audio

1997 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition?

Yes , there was a 1997 Ford Explorer with the Eddie Bauer trim - did you have a question ?

What size speakers are in a 2001 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer?

what are the speakers sizes for a 2001 ford explorer eddie bauer

How do you tune up a 1993 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?

haynes repair manual for 1993 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

How do you deactivate the garage door opener on an 2002 Eddie Bauer explorer?

How do I deactivate the garage door operen on a 2002 ford explorer eddie bauer

Will a 93 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition transmission work in a 97 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition?

No , starting with the 1995 Ford Explorer the automatic transmissions were electronically controlled

Where is pcv hose on a 1997 ford explorer Eddie Bauer?

where is pcv hose on a 1997 ford exploer Eddie Bauer

Can a ford explorer 1997 parts fit an Eddie Bauer 1997?

Sure, why not..? Unless it's an Eddie Bauer Chevrolet...

What is the deference between a SUV Ford Explorer xlt and a Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?

The Eddie Bauer is a higher trim level - it has standard equipment that may be offered as an option on the XLT

What are speaker sizes for a 2002 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer?

5 1/4" and 5x7" will fit front and rear door, factory sub is 8"

1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Limited XLT?

The Limited is a " higher " trim level than the XLT ( XLT , Eddie Bauer , Limited )

What year did the first ford explorer Eddie Bauer was made?


What is the towing capacity of a 1993 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition?

The maximum towing capacity of the 1993 Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Explorer is 5,200 pounds. This is for a 4.0 Liter V6 engine.

What makes an explorer an Eddie Bauer?

The Eddie Bauer trim level is one higher than the XLT . It has standard features that may be available as an option on the XLT

Does the 1991 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer have the option for a factory moonroof?


Are a 1991 ford explorer Eddie Bauer brakes manual or power?


2007 ford explorer Eddie Bauer edition have an alarm system?

Mine does.

Where is the thermostat located on a 2004 4.6l v8 Eddie Bauer edition explorer?

The thermostat on a 2004 Eddie Bauer Edition Explorer 4.6L V8 is located in the top heater hose. It is in the end that is attached to the water pump.

What are the speaker sizes for a 1994 explorer?

Well I have a 1994 Eddie Bauer and I just had my back door speakers replaced and those were 6x8. I was also told that the front door speakers are the same.

What type of gas does a 1995 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition use?

It will run fine on 87 Regular. My 2000 Eddie Bauer runs on 87 unleaded regular.

What kind of transmission does a 1992 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?

A4LD automatic transmission

What size are the back speakers in a 99 Eddie Bauer ford explorer?

may be 6x8

1995 ford explorer Eddie Bauer transmission?

Model 4R55E automatic transmission

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