How can you tell if you have a real meissen figurine and not a fake?

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2009-11-28 11:21:13

Make digital close-up photos of your item from all angles, also

very clear photos of all markings and numbers on the base of the

figurine and the crossed swords.

Email all of these and mention the history of your obtaining the

figure to: Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH,

Attn: Leiter Historische Sammlungen, Talstrasse 9, D-01662 Meissen,


They also understand english, so ask them to advise you of the

available historical information concerning your Meissen figurine.

They will then advise you of the fee you have to prepay for this

service and approximately how long it will take to process your


This is not an Appraisal request, only an authenticity request you

are wanting. If your figurine is authentic, they will tell you and

also give you more information about the Modelleur, artist, Former

of the porcelain, Name of the figure etc.

You then at least have a document concerning the authenticity and

history of your figure.

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