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Look where you insert the paper. There should be a small picture of a piece of paper with one corner folded over. If that picture shows lines on the folded corner, and no lines on the rest of the paper its depicting, then the paper goes face down. If there are lines on the main portion of that picture of paper, and none on the folded corner, then the paper goes face up. You could also load the document into the document feeder and press the COPY button instead of dialing a number, this would show you what the people at the other end would see. NOTE: good way to check to see if your optics are clean and not causing lines/streaks on the page while transmitting.

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Q: How can you tell if you have put fax paper into a machine correctly?
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Do you have to have paper in your fax machine to send out a fax?

No. You can send a fax without paper. If you switch on to internet faxing, you will not even need a fax machine.

Which direction does the paper feed in fax machine to send out fax on a sharp fax machine?

In the paper feeder section there is an icon that will instruct you on how to feed the paper properly.

Can a fax be sent from a paper fax machine to a paperless fax machine?

Yes, a paperless fax machine will receive the fax digitally instead of just immediately printing it out.

What does no recording paper mean on a fax machine?

It means the fax machine needs paper to print onto. Add some paper to the part of the machine, and it should function again.

How does a fax machine send a fax?

A fax machine sends a fax over the telephone line. When you scan a paper to initiate a fax the machine will digitize the material into a series of black and white dots. This allows the machine to transmit the information to the receiving machine where it is printed out again.

How do you insert fax paper in the fax machine?

For paper being scanned: put it into the document feeder. For paper being printed: put it into the paper tray.

Do you fax with papers up or down in fax machine?

Usually fax machine is fed with paper in upper part. Try to use internet faxing like Extremefax, this will save paper because you only print the fax you need.

Where do you load the fax paper?

It depends on the specific model of fax machine you're using. Generally the paper is loaded in the back or the bottom of the machine, if it's a paper roll then usually the machine needs to be opened up to get to the roll.

What is the best and cheapest fax machine?

The Brother FAX-575 Plain Paper Thermal Fax Machine is probably both the best and cheapest fax machine according to reviews. It usually cost $30-$76.

What are the disadvantages on using a fax machine?

it wastes paper

Do you put paper faced down in fax?

Yes. When transmitting a fax, you need to place the paper face down in the fax machine before you hit "send".

How do you operate a fax machine?

in operating a fax machine, you first place the paper in the designated arwa, then enter the number of the recieveing fax machine, then press send, the machine should scan the document(s) and then if accepted, the machine will print a confirmation sheet that the fax was completed successfully.

How you can send a fax?

Just put the A4 paper and fax them to somebody you want toAnswerThere are 2 ways to send faxes its by using internet fax or fax machine. For fax machine, feed the paper to the machine then dial the number of your fax destination. With internet fax service, attach fax document on your email and send it to online fax number. this is a paid service so, in order for you to have an online fax number and online fax account, you need to subscribe for the service.

Does a fax machine needs ink to send a fax?

No. It doesn't need ink in sending fax, only in receiving. Some old traditional fax machine will auto disable if it does not have paper or ink.

Which type of printer used inside fax machine to print the received matter?

It depends on the fax machine. Older fax machines print with thermal paper (the paper roll) - the fax "heats" up certain parts of the paper, and those parts of the paper are turned black. Newer fax machines are just printers with a fax line on them - they are either laser or ink based printers depending on the model.

How can you get your Fax Machine to stop printing that paper telling you i got your fax okay?

The option you are looking for is to turn "confirmation pages" off. It varies by machine, however usually it is in the administrative settings of the fax machine.

How do you set a fax machine when receiving messages?

You tell it to automatically answer on X amount of rings, or with manual intervention by you. Also you tell it wether to store faxes or print them right away.AnswerOne of the disadvantage of using a fax machine is you need to be physically present in front of the machine in order to feed the paper into it. With internet fax service you canfax using your online account, phone or any Microsoft Office programs. Providers of the service such as Ringcentral include fax editing tool and email fax software for free.

When using a fax machine does the paper face up or down?

Is a fax machine an input device?

Yes, it has two inputs. First is the scanner it used to scan the paper document you want to transmit. Second is the telephone line that carries the signal from the other FAX machine (or computer) to your fax machine for printing. It also has two outputs, the printer for printing a fax, and the telephone line for sending a fax to another fax machine.

Why your fax machine is always line error?

I was using a fax machine before and i always getting errors when there were problems with the land line, or the paper was out, or the ink was out.

Why won't the fax machine fax out?

There are many reasons your fax machine might be failing to send a fax. First, there may be a problem with the fax machine itself, including a paper jam or other mechanical problem, or the fax machine is unplugged, or the fax machine is out of fax paper. (Many fax machines insist on printing a confirmation after sending a fax, so you need fax paper to send as well as to receive.) Second, there may be a problem with the telephone line. The fax machine may not be properly plugged into the phone line, or there may be a problem with the phone line itself. If the fax machine has a handset, try manually dialing a phone number to see if you get dial tone and then actually ring the number that you dialed; otherwise, try plugging in a regular landline telephone in place of the fax machine, using the same telephone jack and line. Lastly, there may be a problem on the other end, either because you misdialed the number, the number changed, or the number is temporarily out of service.

How do you use a fax machine?

Here is what you will need for most fax machines (if possible, read the machine's manual beforehand)You will need:- a document that you want to fax- a fax machine- a fax machine to send to, as well as that fax machine's fax number (same as a phone number)1) insert the document into the feeder of the fax machine - the feeder is usually at the top of the machine, and there is usually an icon on it to show which way to have the paper face up or face down2) done the paper is in the document feeder, enter the number you want to fax to into the fax machine. The number gets entered just like a phone number does.3) press send. The fax machine will attempt to dial the number. If the other fax machine picks up, the document will begin transmitting4) watch the fax machine's display to make sure that the fax goes through. When the fax has been sent, you'll get a message saying the transmission is done.

What is dedicated fax machine?

Dedicated fax machine is the main fax machine that can be configured to where the fax will be receive and support extension fax machine.

What is the disadvantages of a fax machine?

Longer file the higher the cost. It bills per minute. High on maintenance such as paper and ink. Internet fax is more reliable than traditional fax machine.

What is the disadvantages of fax machine?

Longer file the higher the cost. It bills per minute. High on maintenance such as paper and ink. internet fax is more reliable than traditional fax machine.