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Removing the wheel is the easiest way. Look at the rotor for uneven wear. The pads should also have substantial depth left as well as no slanted wear. The squeak in the morning is most likely not bad. Dirt/dust will cause squeaking therefor it may just be a settling of break dust overnight. Squeaking that will not go away, poor breaking, and rough breaking are a few signs of bad breaks.

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It is not unusual to have disk brakes squeek once in the morning on first driving. Brake dust accumulates on the rotors and pads. This dust gathers moisture when the car is idle overnight. The first stop heats the rotor and pads, drying them out, and the dust is released and expelled. Hence, no more squeeks for the day.

To check disk brakes (fronts for most cars) you need to jack up the car, remove the front wheels (only one at a time), and inspect the edge of the brake pads located in the caliper for available brake material. Be aware, there is a metal plate about an 3/16" thick that the brake material is bonded to, don't include this as the brake material thickness. If the brake material is getting down to or less than 1/4" thick, replace the set (both fronts) ASAP.

Inspecting rear drum brakes requires significant experience to remove the drums. If you don't already know how to do it, refer it to a mechanic.

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Q: How can you tell if your brake pads are in good shape?
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Can you tell me what brake pads are?

Brake pads are the pads that sit on top of the rotor that when the brake pedal is pressed the brake pads squeeze the rotor and the car stops. Signs that they need replacing are if you hear squeaking when pressing the brake pedal.

Do all brake pads fit one size?

No. If you into an auto shop you have to tell them what type of vehicle you are planning to put the brake pads on. p.s. Check out my profile!

How much are brake pads for cars?

Auto Zone is my reliable parts store for brake pads, they are reasonably priced and guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. Brake check offers brake pads for under 100.00 however they will quickly tell you that your rotors need to be turned or replaced.

Do you need to replace brake pads when replacing the rotors?

Only if they are worn or grooved. If they are smooth and in good shape, no reason to change - ( although most service shops will tell you you should. - If I was being paid $100 an hour, I possibly would too )

What size brake pads for a 90 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

Just tell the parts store what type of car you have and they will be able to get you the right pads.

Where can I find a book that can guide me how to change brake pads?

Books that tell you how to change brake pads can b found at any car dealership bookstore Wal-Mart or any place which does maintenance on or repairs vehicles.

How do you change your brake pads on a 1996 ranger?

if you are going to go by what people tell you on the internet you need to to get a machnic to do it for you

How do you change brake pads on a peugeot 206 zest?

This will tell you Have Fun, Stantheman

How can you tell if you need to change the rear brake pads or the front brake pads?

Take off the wheel and visually check the pad thickness. Sorry, that may mean work, but it's the only safe, sure, way.

What is the vehicle uses mdk 506 brake pads?

If you call an agency like NAPA they can tell you that in a minute or two.

What brake pads to use on 1998 s-10 4wd?

Call your local auto parts store. They will tell you what options you have.

What does the brake warning light in dashboard of 2002 Isuzu Rodeo come on?

Just check your brake fluid,there is a sensor on to tell you when you are low and it is a good indicator that you may need new pads soon as when the calipers move out to compensate for wear more fluid is pushed down. either that or the parking brake is still on

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