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How can you tell if your car engine is burning oil?


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2006-04-25 21:25:52
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spark plugs fouled with oil. blue smoke from tail pipe.


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You can tell this before an oil change. If you see blue smoke coming out the exhaust your engine is burning oil. If you're oil level is low and you have no oil leak your burning oil.

your car has oil burning in the combustion chamber of your engine , need to rectify the engine block and replace piston rings

It may be engine overheating in which case the engine is probably destroyed, or your car may be burning oil, or oil got spilled near the engine and is smoking.

An oil leak is always going to be out of the engine as the engine contains oil and the car does not. I think you are saying you are loosing oil with no apparent leak. If that is the case the engine is burning oil and that is why you see no leaks.

oily deposit on the spark plugs electrodes

Oil on engine burning as engine overheats. Sort of common sense, don't ya think?

engine is burning oil could be valve seals or piston rings

Oil burning is usually connected to engine wear. Valve seals and piston rings wear out and allow oil to pass into the cylinder during combustion.

Engine sludge is what the dealer told me Engine sludge is what the dealer told me

blue smoke comes out the tail pipe when your engine is burning oil caused by a worn engine.

If the engine is diesel, no that is normal. If the engine is gasoline, yes it is probably burning oil.

when changing the oil sometimes oil can be spilled on the engine block. as your engine heats up it causes this smell. it is completely normal

white smoke is a indication of oil by passing the piston rings and entering the combustion chamber (Your burning oil). Not unusual for a older car especially when the car has been sitting for awhile. If it continues after warm up, you need a engine rebuild or a new car. Check a auto supply store, they have oil additives that reduce the oil burning.

When a car begins belching smoke, it is probably burning excess oil or gas. It is likely that a seal is leaking in the engine.

If there is an oil leak inside the engine compartment of the vehicle. The defroster could have some of the smell go into the cabin of the car. The engine should be checked for any oil leaks.

You either have an oil leak or the engine is burning oil cause by worn piston rings. If you see blue smoke it is burning oil.

The only repair for an engine that is burning oil is a complete overhaul of the engine. If it is not burning excessive oil and is not smoking so much as to be a hazard to other drivers, then I would just keep adding oil. You more than likely have worn rings or maybe a broken ring.

Smoking engines tend to be signs of burning oil. The best solution would be to get your mechanic to see why your oil is being burnt.

if the engine is smoking and overheating the head gasket is blown or you popped a freeze plug

New parts burning off protective coating - exhaust parts? Oil spilled on engine and burning off as engine heats up?

what is a good engine oil to use in my car

The engine's dipstick will indicate the correct or incorrect level of oil within the engine .

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