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How can you tell if your cat has a dislocated leg?


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Not everybody is rich like (assumingly) you! some people need a forum to look to. I am not poor, but I always need advice. (free advice!) if someone doesn't get the righteous answers then look elsewhere. no offense. I don't like when everyone thinks that because you have an animal, you have money. ask your local farmer/ rancher, and he may have the best answer.


I am certainly not rich and I work hard for my money. However, I certainly wouldn't own a pet without first knowing I could go the 'long haul' as far as getting any pet I had proper medical care. People are simply irresponsible when they get a pet and think that they can just let the pet become sick and then whine they can't afford a vet. There are Animal Shelters that will out and oh yes, try phoning a few vets and telling them about your circumstances and that you will be willing to clean cages, sweep floors, etc., to pay off your bill. By the way, I give money to my local vet for a special fund for people such as yourself, so don't call me self righteous! I am a responsible pet owner!

Another Answer

Ok...Seeing as that got personal and emotional, this obviously brings up a question of what to do when very hard economic times suddenly hit your life and you have a scenario where a pet is injured. That is a reality and I don't think it is wise to assume people who don't have money at the moment (especially the gastly sums that outdo the medical fees for my own self or children) are irresponsible. Life happens to people and it happens sometimes in hard ways for awhile. They can still be wonderful pet owners during those times.

The best course of action, as anyone would agree and prefer to do, would be to involve a vet as soon as possible (on call vets are not available in my area except for the Animal Hospital which is like a human ER and about as costly). However, if this is a Friday evening, for example, and your vet is open next on Monday then you need to know if you must empty your savings account and go to the Animal Hospital or see if it is something that can wait until Monday morning. That is what would bring a person to this site. For example can a sprain show improvement in a few days and can someone make a safe and pleasant space in those few days? Will a break not show improvement? These are solid questions that good answers minus emotion will be useful to the community. Yes, seek a vet's attention as soon as possible. Seek phone advice or offer to help in the office. Find out the cost ahead of time if possible...but it is intimidating....and can be shocking. My suddenly ill 16 year old cat cost over $800 to examine and do testing on (and not even the full line of testing) just to discover he needed to be put to sleep which cost, of course, on top of that. Luckily I had the money to do it at the time. I really don't know what I'd do otherwise. I took him home for burial as that would have cost more.

Please remember that this site is to give good answers to honest and heartfelt questions...not to bicker.