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How can you tell if your guy friend really likes you?

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He is interested in you, he wants to know what you want to do and he is asking alot of questions about you. He might even ask you out on a date.

He will also be a lot nicer and possibly more chivalrous. You might even catch him staring at you sometimes. If you just end up not being able to read the signs but still have the feeling that he likes you, then just go up to him and ask him how he feels. I would more likely recomend not to do this if you don't like him back. Just depends on the type of guy he is.

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What do you do if your friends boyfriend likes someone else and your friend really likes the guy and you know who your friend's boyfriend likes?

tell your friend

How can you tell if the guy likes you back after hearing from a friend that you like him?

Really you can't tell, you have to ask him.

How can you tell if a guy you like likes your friend and not you?

if a guy likes ur friend he will flirt with her and not u.

What do you do if your new friend likes a guy you like and then he likes you?

Oh that's very tough. Well if your friend was really a good friend she would understand if you tell her. =]]

How do you prompt a guy you think likes you to tell you he likes you?

If you have a friend who is a friend of him, ask the friend to ask him if he likes you.

What do you do if one of your friend likes a guy and the guy like you?

Definitely don't ask him out or tell her! if you do then she might get really upset.

How can you tell if your guy friend crush really likes you when he looks at you?

by hesitating and not alot of eye contact

How do you ask a guy out for your friend?

Go up to him and firstly ask him if he likes your friend even if he says no ask him out then for your friend. You can tell if he really likes her if it doesn't take long to decide.

How can you tell your guy friend likes you?

Ask him.

What do you do when your best friend likes a guy and that guy likes you?

well tell him how you feel and if you like him then tell him that your friend likes him and all of you get together and discuss how to solve the problem and if she gets mad with you then tell that guy that likes you to talk to your friend and explain to her how he feels about you so she can know that she has to move on or if not tell HER what's going on with him and you Good Luck .....

When a guy says he likes you as a friend what does he really mean?

He wants to go out with you! Or he likes you as a friend!!!

How do you tell if a guy likes your best friend?

the way he acts around her . and if he acts really funny around her

I cant tell if this guy likes me?

to tell if a guy likes you just be yourself around him and if he really likes you and he can tell your comfortable around him then you will know

What is the difference when a guy likes as a friend then one who secretly likes you?

the guy who likes u as a friend is lying he really likes if not he will and the the one who secretly likes u like him to

You like a guy that your best friend likes tooAnd that guy knows that your friend likes her So what do you do?

u tell her that u like her

How can I tell if he likes me or my friend better?

I really like this guy ,but I don't know if he likes me. I'm 11 years old in 5TH grade

How can you tell if your guy friend likes you?

the way he lookes at you

How do you tell if a guy friend likes you?

They say if he teases you.

How can we know if your guy friend likes you?

They will eventually tell you

How do you tell if your guy friend wants to be more?

If your friend likes you, he'd start acting differently but usually, if he makes a move to be your friend and he likes you, you can tell.

What does it mean if a guy is really nice to you?

He probably likes you. Whether or not he likes you as a friend or more than a friend, I can't tell; but befriend him and if you like him more, take the next step.

What do I do when I really like a guy he likes me back but his best friend keeps causing trouble between us?

Tell his 'friend' to stay out of your business !

How do guys try to help his guy friend with a girl his friend likes?

tell him to ask the girl if she likes him

How do I know if my guy friend really likes me?


How do you say no to a guy who really likes you but is your friend?

i am sorry but no