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Masculine turtles usually:

* have (slightly) concave plastron * have a bigger tail

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How can you tell if a red eared slider turtle is a male or female?

Male Red Eared Slider have longer claws.And female have shorter claws.Thats all i know about how to tell if their either female or male. Also, if the turtle has a flat or sticking out stomach, that means it's a female. If the stomach has an indent in the stomach then it's a male.

How do you tell which red-eared slider turtle is a female and which one is a male?

For Red Eared Turtles a female has short nails and a male as long sharp nails.

Do red eared slider turtles mate?

Yes. A male and female RES turtle will mate and the female will lay eggs.

Can you put two male adult red eared sliders in with one female red eared slider turtle?

NO you can't put 2 male red eared sliders with 1 female turtle because the two male turles will be fighting over the female, hurting each other.

Will a male red eared slider eat a red eared slider turtle egg?

Yes, they will happily eat the eggs wether it was theirs or not.If you are breeding them it is best to leave the female with her eggs and put the male in a different enclosure.

How do you tell the difference between male and female Red Eared Slider Turtles?

if there is a indent in youer turtle it is a male ok ikf it is flat it is a girl ok

How do you tell the difference of male and female red eared slider turtle?

Masculine turtles usually:* have (slightly) concave plastron * have a bigger tail

Does my red-eared slider need another red-eared slider turtle to play with?

No not reaslly but it would help if they were a male a nd female. Don't forget that if u want another slider you need to take more care of them in general.

What does it mean when my male red-eye slider turtle bite my new female red-eye slider turtle?

1stly its not "red eye slider", its "red eared slider". the biting may be his way of saying keep out of my territory. you should separate themin these cases

What's the difference between a male and a female red eared slider turtle?

Masculine turtles usually:* have (slightly) concave plastron * have a bigger tail

If you have two red eared slider turtle the female red eared slider active but the male is not that much active we put the female turtle on d ground she will run and if we put male he will not run?

Your male turtle may be sick. Take him to a vet that specializes in reptiles. Keep in mind though, that he might be shy and any noise or movement could cause him to hide in his shell. Try to sneak up on him and see if he behaves the same way when he doesn't see you around.

Does a male red eared slider lay eggs?

No, only female red eared sliders lay eggs.

Why does a yellow slider male turtle shake his nails in front of him?

I know Red Eared Slider Turtles do that before mating. Males do it to females.

How do you tell if your red-eared slider turtle is a girl or a boy?

flat bottom shell female, indented bottom shell male, he has to be able to stay mounted

Is the male or female slider turtle larger during mating?

Female turtles, regardless of "breed", are generally the larger of male or female.

What are the diffences between male and female slider turtles?

male turtles usually have a slight indent on the stomach shell to enable tem to mount the female more easlyA female turtle does not have a tail in the back, but a male turtle does have a tail in the back. Below: THIS IS FOR RED SLIDER TURTLES ONLYA FEMALE SLIDER WILL HAVE A SHORTER TAIL AND CLAWS. AMALE WILL HAVE LONG CLAWS AND TAIL.

If I have a male and a female slider turtle do I need to be concerned that they will have babies?

Red-eared slider turtles usually can only breed successfully if they have hibernated before, and turtles kept in tanks rarely hibernate. There is a miniscual chance your turtles will breed if they have not hibernated.

Can you cut red eared slider turtles nails?

No you can not!! If your turtle has long nails that means you have a male turtle. If you cut his nails you are risking it to bleed to death and be in an excruciating pain. Long nails on your male turtle is natural and normal and is not a problem.

Largest red eared slider?

female is 10-12 inches long and male is from 8-10 inches

How do you fertilize your red eared slider turtles unfertilized eggs?

Without access to a laboratory for artificial insemination, eggs must be fertilized by a male turtle. Once the eggs are laid by the female, they can't be fertilized.

What turtles do you breed to make albino red eared sliders?

You breed a male and female Red Eared slider. Albino's are not different species of turtles, they are just a different version of that specie, but I am breeding turtles as well and you can also have an albino map turtle and so on and on...

Will a big red eared slider eat a baby red eared slider?

personally i recently introduced a 6 month old turtle to the troupe,my larger female of 7 years can be very rough and tried to bite Him/her i would see how they go and keep you have on you larger turtle whilst introducing them,my smaller male of 4 years seems very protective over my smaller one.

How can you tell whether a red eared slider is male or female?

Masculine turtles usually:* have (slightly) concave plastron * have a bigger tail

What color is a female red ear slider turtle?

Male and females can vary with the type of green colors. Such as a female or male can range from a light green to a very dark green

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