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see donno about ur question. well i met a girl in my country(India) on net. we shared a special bond we talked over phone and smsd each other everyday. though she lives far away. i have never met her in person and we both were in love n liked each other verymuch. we were in relationship (long distance relationsip) from past 8 months and we were going to meet in a month or so but her parents came to know about it and told her not to talk to me n break it off :( . i ws shocked to hear it the nxt day when she said its over. i ws in a state of shock and still iam in shock .. wept like a baby for 2-4 days n didnt eat nething. i even called her parents n talked but they r not ready to listen n not letting her talk to me. what should i do now? can any 1 of u help me plzzz.. i really love her alot. just thking about the times we shared on net n call my eyes get wet..GOD Bless US..

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โˆ™ 2005-10-02 10:44:07
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Q: How can you tell someone over the internet likes you if they live in another state?
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