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1, Call Your Agent!I would advise calling your agent to get an explanation, coverages and coverage requirement vary from state to state. 2Although answer 1 is not incorrect, you should receive documentation each time you renew an insurance policy. That documention includes a list of perils which are covered, the amount of coverage, and any deductibles which apply. 3Also, you should receive whats called a declarations page upon purchase or renewal of an insurance policy. On it, it will state your policy limits, applicable deductibles, among any other purchased or included coverages.
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Q: How can you tell what coverage you have?
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How can you find out if a driver is insured?

There is no way to tell other then verifying his coverage after an accident.

What kind of coverage for a dent in fender caused in a parking lot while in store?

The Coverage would be paid out of you "collision" coverage (if you have this coverage), your deductible would apply and in most cases, you would not get a surcharge. check with you agent, tell him you are not sure you want to put in a claim, but want to discuss this.

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If you have to provide medical ins for your ex who has an existing medical condition where can you get the best most cost effective coverage?

You're probably NOT required to get her the coverage, but to pay the premiums. You also have a problem with HIPAA Privacy in that she doesn't have to tell you what her medical problems are, nor can you sign the application for her. You may be able to get coverage, without any problems. Then you just have to worry about how long the waiting period is. If she had prior coverage in the last 63 days that coverage applies to the new waiting period.

How long do you legally have to change your insurance coverage if you purchase a new car in South Carolina?

Contact your agent, and they will be able to tell you.

What is retroactive coverage?

retroactive coverage

What is the minimum coverage the No-Fault law requires?

Each state in the U.S. regulates it's own minimum requirements for Auto Insurance coverage. All you have to do is ask your insurance agent or company and they can tell you the minimum requirements for your state.

What is Coverage A in insurance?

Coverage A is the dwelling amount. As in, if it cost $250K to rebuild your house then that is what your coverage A should be.

What is the cheapest dental and medical insurance in the Phoenix area?

The state of Arizona has great dental coverage for the people who live in Arizona. Dental Coverage is very important to have because you never know when you will have a dental emergency. Make sure you are covered get dental coverage. This site has more information on a great, very affordable plans suited to fit your budget without sacrificing coverage for your family. Call you state insurance agency, they can tell you

What type of insurance is the same as medical coverage?

In auto insurance, personal injury protection coverage is the same as medical coverage.

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Who qualifies for medicare coverage?

how old do you have to be for medicare coverage?

Does your insurance pay PIP for passangers involved in auto accident?

This will be determined by the state laws and your policy. In Georgia, for example, a civil attorney looking for an office, promised to reduce auto insurance rates by 15%. Since he had no real knowledge about insurance, business, or much anything else, all he did to reduce rates was to do away with PIP Coverage which was a valuable coverage. By wiping out PIP coverage he reduced the rates but forgot to tell people about the loss of coverage.

What happens if I have no collision coverage but hit a deer?

Then you are in luck !! If you have comprehensive coverage, because that is the coverage that covers an animal hit.

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What is uninsured vehicle coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage provides insurance coverage when you are hit by a person who has no insurance coverage. You uninsured motorist coverage will take the place of the insurance that the other person did not have and will cover your damages just like theirs should have if they had it. The only difference is that you will have a small deductible for property damage coverage.

What types of car insurance does Allstate sell?

Liability Coverage, Medical Payment Coverage, Uninsured Motorist Coverage, Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage,Personal Injury Protection, Towing and Labor Costs Coverage, Rental Reimbursement, and Sound system Coverage. Those are the options you can get and the payment type is deductible and premium. The deductible is what you pay for the accident and the premium is what you pay per month.

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What is BPP insurance coverage?

Business and personal property coverage

Is MI PPI coverage a thrid party coverage?


Difference between live match or event coverage and exclusive coverage?

Exclusive coverage is locked only to certain broadcasters...

Does full coverage cover auto theft?

there really is no such thing as 'full coverage', i know many people have heard and said this, if you have 'comprehensive' coverage on your vehicle that is the coverage that applies to this type of loss........

What does your auto insurance cover if you are a pedestrian?

If you are walking down the street and are hit by a car, of course, the majority of the coverage will be from the car that hit you and their liability coverage. You personal auto coverage may also have some coverage to help you as well. If you have medical Payments Coverage it will pay from your personal policy, also if you have work loss that coverage can come from your personal policy to supplement the other party's coverage. There may even be some more little coverage that jump in to help out.