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there are different ways. the most common one is that he will not stop looking at you, and then ypur boyfriend.

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How do you control a jealous boyfriend?

tell him there's nothing to be jealous of.

What is the meaning of a dream when your boyfriend has a dream about you and another guy together?

First, did your boyfriend tell you this dream? If so, howdid he tell you the dream. I am a guy. If I dreamed that my girlfriend and another guy was together, it would be because I fear losing her. This idea would have probably started if I had seen my girlfriend with another guy (possibly often) and I happen to be jealous. That's the best I could tell you.

What do you do if your best friends ex boyfriend is jealous of my boyfriend?

well if your bestfriends ex boyfriend is jealous of your boyfriend then tell him to get a new girlfriend or make him even more jealous for your frend because I'm pretty sure she would like that

What to do when you think your boyfriend is using you?

My boyfriend is really an amazing guy but sometimes I think he is using me to get his ex's jealous

What do you do if your best friends ex is jealous of your boyfriend?

well, if she really like your ex boyfriend, than you should try to talk to him. Tell him that you have a new boyfriend now and you cant really do much. There is no reason to be jealous of him when i already dated you. You were a great guy, and i bet you can find a girlfriend very easily. HOpe this advice works! message me back and tell me how it goes!!

What do you do if you have a boyfriend and your best friend always talks to him and you get extremely jealous of her talking to your boyfriend?

First, you should tell your friend and your boyfriend in a calm manner that you are jealous. If this person really is your friend, she'll make sure that she's talking not flirting with your boyfriend. I would tell him how I feel and then I would tell her how I feel and if it doesn't change, she's not your friend or he's not your friend; but that's okay because maybe you'll find another awesome guy.

What should I do if I am dating this guy but my friend doesn't want me to go out with him?

Tell your friend to stop being jealous and to go find her own boyfriend. She obviously wants him. (Or your stupid and the guy sucks)!

How do you know if your boyfriend is a jealous type?

when he becomes angry whenever there is a guy near you

Why do people tell your boyfriend that you have cheated on your boyfriend to break you up when its not true?

They may be jealous... Or hate you. Either way, tell him its not true.

How do you make a guy jealous if he already had a girlfriend?

You don't. But... If you do... Get a 'boyfriend'. If he likes you then he'll be jealous, if he doesn't like you then there's not much you can do.

What to tell your jealous boyfriend when he gets mad bacuse you ae talking to a guy friend?

you tell him that you know he says it because he loves you but he does not own you and you are allowed to talk to your guy friends and if he has a problem with that than maybe he doesnt need to be your boy friend

Can a guy pretend to be jealous whenever you talk to any guys?

Yes a guy can pretend to be jealous it just depends how easily he can cover it up for you to tell weather or not he is really jealous.

What will a guy do if he is jealous of you talking to a guy friend?

I would just tell him too cool it cause we are just friends and he is just being jealous.

Why does a guy who likes you ask you about how your date with your boyfriend was?

He asks you because he is jealous of you and your boyfriend going on a date. Maybe he wants to ask you out.

What does it mean when your best guy friend is jealous of the boyfriend I'm dating?

he like you or things that you like something about your boyfriend that he doesn't have

How do you make a boyfriend jealous?

To date another guy to make the one your dating mad

What do you say to a guy after he says that your boyfriend is lucky to have you?

He likes you he is jealous he wonts to be with you and he wonts a chance with you.

What can you do if your boyfriend is so jealous or he dont have any trust for you?

i think is ok to be jealous but too much of it is not good,a guy dat jealous too much can if even his girlfriend..

Do you tell a guy your jealous?

Not unless you're with the guy. If you're in a relationship with him I think it's fine if you tell him that you're jealous about the fact that he talks to other women etc. But if he's not yours never tell a guy you're jealous because he's going to think you're into him and would do much worse things to make you more jealous and that just ain't good. (=

How can you tell if a gilr is going out with a guy to make you jealous?

you can tell if they seem to look like they dont really like the guy

How can you tell your boyfriend is trying to make you jealous?

you can tell when he is all over other girls right in your face

How can you tell if your boyfriend is jealous of you?

you can tell if you boyfriend is jelousbecause he is never home and you do everything and he sits down and does nothing but play games and watch football or basketball

What would you tell this guy you have a boyfriend?

Just tell him gently....."listen, I have a boyfriend. Just saying"

What does it mean when a guy constantly calls another guy your boyfriend when he isn't?

Hes either playin around or hes jealous.

What does it mean when a guy says he is jealous when you complement another guy or when you do not ask him to lunch?

If the guy's your boyfriend then that is more or less normal. If it's not then it means the guy likes you. If you like the guy too then you could get together but if not then tell him to take a chill pill and cool off.

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